By Eva Potter

If you missed Cycling Weekend at Holiday Valley in June, you have another chance to enjoy a fun cycling weekend on the first-ever KindRider Road Trip, Oct. 2–4.

The three-day guided tour, sponsored by KindHuman Bicycles, will take cyclists around the scenic EVL area to tackle the hilly terrain and enjoy the gorgeous views.

The KindHuman idea began in 2007 when Adam Abramowicz noticed a gap in the cycling community for riders interested in learning and improving. In response, Abramowicz started a cycling team with the intent to bridge that gap between hardcore racing veterans and the new riders that wanted to learn from them.

A few years later, Gavin Brauer teamed up with him to form KindHuman Bicycles, an Ontario-based company that designs and markets performance cycling products through an innovative direct-to-rider business model.

Brauer, co-founder and operating leader, explained that KindHuman is not just a bike company. It is a vehicle to make cycling more accessible to all people and to empower cyclists everywhere to help grow cycling in their communities. Their bikes can be custom built to fit each rider’s performance, body and budget.

Brauer said he was first introduced to Ellicottville more than a decade ago by his wife, Erin, who has been skiing here since she was a child. As they began spending more time here during summer and fall, Brauer discovered the fantastic cycling the area has to offer.

“The KindRider event started as a cycling trip we wanted to take ourselves,” he said. “Ellicottville is a four-season playground with spectacular riding, especially when the fall colors are on display. It is a very special place for me and my family … a hidden gem that we want to share with other cyclists.”

Brauer explained that KindHuman wanted to host a fun weekend of riding – “an excuse to get away for a few days and enjoy quiet roads, a beautiful environment and hopefully make a few new friends along the way.”

Because they also needed a destination that would accommodate non-riding family members who wanted to tag along, Ellicottville quickly rose to the top.

“We’re so pleased that this group from Canada has discovered the great road riding around Ellicottville,” said Jane Eshbaugh, marketing director at Holiday Valley.

There are no age limitations or skill level requirements to participate, and KindRider encourages young riders to join in, provided they have some riding experience and permission slips from their parents/guardians. Of course, a bike, water bottles and helmet are must-haves.

One to three KindHuman Bicycles team members will guide each ride. This is not a timed event or race, and SAG support and a “no rider left behind” policy ensures no one is left alone on the route in case riding becomes too difficult.

“If you’re new to cycling, this would be a great opportunity for you to meet some like-minded riders and learn a thing or two while enjoying all that Ellicottville has to offer,” said Brauer.

Cyclists can choose from two riding categories. More competitive riders can test their mettle on 40–50 mile rides with an average pace above 18 mph. Recreational rides will be 25–40 miles each with an average pace under 18 mph.

The weekend event costs $99 per person and covers entry, the three days of guided tours and SAG support. (All non-Ontario Cycling Association members are required to pay a one-time license fee of $39.) Book your ride by calling 1-800-922-5463, ext. 3, emailing gavin@kindhuman.cc or by visiting www.kindhuman.cc.

To make the weekend even better, take advantage of special group rates by mentioning KindHuman Bicycles when making your room reservations at Holiday Valley’s Tamarack Club. Just call (716) 699-7000.

The KindRider event is a great way to try KindHuman demo bikes and learn more about cycling from fellow cyclists. In addition, tour guides and staffers will be available to help with topics like training, nutrition and bicycle maintenance.