(Reprinted with permission from the ECS Newsletter)

The District plans to expand the current after school program in an effort to increase the number of days and the students eligible to participate. Currently, the program often referred to as “Homework Club,” runs two days a week for grades 3-6. This has been very effective in assisting students and providing additional teacher directed support. Students are able to use the time for assistance with their homework and to gain additional help in areas where they may have fallen behind. It expands instructional contact and support by two hours a week.

Here are the six (6) main components to the overview expansion:

1. The program will be offered to 7th and 8th graders two nights a week “by invitation.” This could be a way to help students who are on the ineligibility list as well as students who are simply struggling and need some extra time to devote to their classroom work. This would be staffed by two Middle School teachers.

2. The District is implementing the use of iReady Program as a diagnostic program built for the Common Core. It will provide teachers with lessons and students with individualized instruction and practice. The system will also generate ongoing reports that track student progress. This program will be used for students in K-8 in the areas of ELA and math.

3. Students in 7th and 8th grade will be offered the opportunity to work on district computers after school in the High School Library. The library is already open two days a week but we would now focus additional opportunities for students to use the new iReady web based program.

4. We plan to increase the program offered in grades 3-6 from two days a week to three days a week.

5. We plan to staff the elementary computer lab three days a week after school for students to work with iReady.

6. The last part of the expansion will allow students in K-2 (by invitation) to stay after school two (2) days a week to use the Elementary computer lab to practice their skills with the new iReady Program.

The expansion of the program will open up more after school opportunities for students in grades K-8. This additional academic support, skill development and practice will provide our students with the opportunity to build on their daily school instruction and help students keep up with the demanding changes the Common Core has brought to our classrooms.