Did you know that with a little bit of knowledge, nature can be your grocery store?

On Saturday, April 30, you can learn to identify spring greens, flowers and other wild edibles at the Audubon Nature Center’s “Edible Audubon — Spring Greens and Other Things” workshop.

Some people forage for survival, others to save on the grocery bill. Foraging can also be a wonderful way to spend time outside, learn plant identification, try new foods, and strengthen your connection to the earth and the food it produces to nourish our bodies.

At the 2-4 p.m., workshop participants will discover how to recognize edible plants and distinguish them from those that may look similar.

The class will start with some basic ground rules and safety considerations about harvesting wild edibles, then head outside to identify those growing and blooming in the spring. It will also cover some popular summer edibles and as well as those you definitely do not want to eat. Back inside, participants will taste samples and discuss easy ways to make wild plants part of your meal.

Instructor Katie Finch is a naturalist at Audubon who has been enthusiastically eating “weeds” for several years.

With both inside and outside components, this class includes a walk up to one mile on flat ground. Remember to dress for the weather.

The fee is $20; $16 for Friends of the Nature Center and children ages 9-15.  Paid reservations are required by Thursday, April 28. Stop by, call (716) 569-2345 during business hours, or use the online form by clicking on “Edible Audubon- Spring Greens and Other Things” at www.jamestownaudubon.org.