“The Chautauqua Region Community Foundation [CRCF] has been an important supporter of the Nature Center this year,” said Center President Ruth Lundin, “and we are grateful to them for the successes they have helped us achieve.”

Lundin expressed her appreciation for several grants that the Audubon Nature Center has received for different needs.

“When a furnace went out, the Community Foundation really came to our rescue,” Lundin said. A grant from CRCF’s Axel W. Carlson Memorial Fund enabled the Nature Center to replace the failed furnace.

Support from the Rollin A. & Annie P. Fancher Fund administered by CRCF went toward development of the Boy Scouts Bird Study Merit Badge Program, helping to make possible the Boy Scouts Bird Study Merit Badge Day as well as serving as a model for other Boy Scout merit programs.

During the past school year, Nature Center education staff presented more than 700 programs to over 14,000 students in Chautauqua and Warren Counties. In addition, more than 2,300 children participated in over 200 programs in their own schoolyards.

With 249 field trips to the Nature Center – primarily in May and June – the year’s total came to 18,940 students who got connected to nature and learned environmentally responsible behaviors through Nature Center education programs.

A significant grant from CRCF’s Thomas H. Brown Fund was a major support of the Nature Center’s field trip program.

“We are so grateful to the Community Foundation for everything they do!” Lundin concluded.

The Audubon Nature Center is at 1600 Riverside Road. For more information about all the events and opportunities at the Nature Center, call (716) 569-2345 or visit www.jamestownaudubon.org.