Nov. 27th marks the premiere of the Fred Olen Ray directed “A Christmas In Vermont,” which was shot entirely in Western New York this past March on the ION Network.

Abigail Hawk, David O’Donnell, Howard Hesseman, and Chevy Chase star in this holiday tale of drama and redemption.

Riley Thomas (Hawk) is sent by her profit-obsessed boss (Chase) to shut down one of the company’s holdings, a small outerwear company in Vermont, for missing profit targets. Riley finds that the company is the lifeblood of a town and, instead of closing down the iconic firm, she unexpectedly falls in love and learns valuable lessons beyond the bottom line.

In additon to scenes being filmed in Ellicottville, the Roycroft in East Aurora, the Buffalo Botanical Gardens, and the Buffalo History Museum all make location cameos as the backdrop for this soon to be holiday classic.

“A Christmas in Vermont” will air again on ION Dec. 3rd at 11 p.m., and Dec. 24 at 7 p.m.

Ellicottville filming locations included Holiday Valley, the Jefferson Inn, and many downtown Village scenes.