By Caitlin Croft

The July meeting of the Village Board opened with a motion to approve the minutes from the June 2018; there was a second and ayes carried. There was then a motion to approve the June Financial Report; a second and ayes carried.

Next, was a motion to pay the bills with the exception of V#1192 for $481.70 and the addition of one payment of roughly $28,400.00. The first was caught by Trustee Greg Cappelli for an overhead door repair. Cappelli suggested looking into what the warranty covers as the door is only 2 years old. The added payment is the first of five payments for the new sidewalk plow, half of the amount will be reimbursed by the town. There was a second and ayes carried to pay the bills.

Business from the Floor: There were a handful of community members to discuss three topics, the Monroe Streetscape Project, potholes and chalk graffiti.

First, regarding Monroe Street, were questions of the final plan. Niles Pierson, Town/Village Engineer, explained that one bid was received to do the project but this spring when the contractor came to see the job, he advised he was unable to do the project for the cost he had given. The scope of the project was not fully understood by the contractor. It was put out to bid again and one bid was received. This bid was approximately $15,000-20,000 over budget.

The public had been given the impression that the entire street would become concrete. To this, the board reassured that there has been much time and due diligence put into the project and there will still be green space. Grass has always been tough to keep growing on that part of Monroe Street due to the amount of shade. The board has found a new product that goes underneath the grass that essentially protects the grassroots. The sidewalk will be widened from 5’ to 7’ to give better foot traffic flow and make the sidewalk easier to maintain in the winter time. There were concerns that the information had not been properly communicated to the business owners in town and the Trustee Patra Lowes and Cappelli assured them that the three businesses that will be receiving concrete walkways from the curb to the sidewalk had been contacted. Cappelli advised that this is where we have a communication flaw and the board is working on long term solutions to increase the flow of communication between the municipality and the residents such as the formation of social media pages.

Trustee Spencer Murray noted that even the board is not happy with the current state of Monroe Street and unfortunately sometimes there are things that happen outside of their control with larger projects, but they are doing their best to get the job done.

Mayor John Burrell added too that this project is to be used as a model for other parts of the village if we were to receive the Downtown Revitalization Initiative Grant. The Mayor assured that plans are always available in the Village Clerk’s Office for the public to come look at and the entire bid for the project is available as well.

Next, Sheila Gallagher spoke regarding the noise level of traffic going over the potholes on Jefferson. She suggested that a sign be put up saying “Rough Road, Reduce Speed.” The Mayor advised that letters had been sent to Frank Cerullo of The Department of Transportation. Correspondence was received back and there are potentially two major projects for Route 219 for summer 2019.

The next idea to help reduce speed in the 219/Jefferson corridor is to have heavier police monitoring to ensure traffic is going 30 mph. The Mayor urged the public that they need to write to their local and county officials who have to depend on their votes to get the street fixed. He also advised that he would have a list of who to contact for each situation in the Village Clerk’s office as of June 10th. There were questions of why a stock response cannot be sent in and the Mayor advised the best is for the letter to be personal and from the individual; that is the best way to get heard.

Next was the topic of chalk graffiti. There are several businesses in town that put out sidewalk chalk for kids to draw on the sidewalks. This has turned into people using the chalk to write on the walls of some of the buildings. The discussion on how to mitigate this included ideas such as signage to not allowing the sidewalk chalk. The board advised that we should start to spread the word that the sidewalk chalk is for the sidewalk only. Also, the business owners and workers should pull the chalk in at the end of business hours and if they see someone writing on the wall to ask them not to do that.

Last, there was a question of motorcycle parking. It is very noisy in the village with all of the bikes on nice days. It was noted that many resort communities have parking specifically for motorcycles and this is a common occurrence in many areas. The board advised they would look into this.

Mayor’s Report: The annual fourth grade tour of the Village/Town Hall happened. Regarding the Downtown Revitalization Initiative Grant, a response should be received by September or October. There was a meeting with Rick Winter and Danny Gare regarding the old ice rink at the park. A synthetic ice material is being investigated and more information will be received soon. Also there has been a request for permanent “no parking” signs and speed limit signs on Monroe Street between Martha and Rockwell. The Mayor believes we will need a new local law to support the permanent installation of the signs.

There was a motion to accept the Planning Report; a second and ayes carried.

Engineer’s Report: Regarding the Structural Tree Pruning Resolution there was a motion to pass; a second and ayes carried. This will allow the Village to give the work to whom they see fit as opposed to continuously putting it out for bid. This will allow for more streamlined and effective tree pruning. There was a motion to reject the bid for the Monroe Street Streetscape Project and put it out to re-bid; there was a second and ayes carried. Next, there was a motion to accept the bids for $19,355.78 and $43,760.89 to repair VanBuren Drive and Greer Hill; there was a second and ayes carried. Pierson advised that in New York State there is a common thought of keeping “good roads, good” and allow for proper planning on fixing bad roads. If all energy and budget monies are flooded into fixing bad roads only you will find yourself with more costly repairs in the long run. Regarding the Fillmore Drainage Project, they are waiting on a signed easement from Kody Sprague and the village has elected to do the work themselves. They are hoping to complete the project in September and it should take about one week. A scope of work has been formulated for the Baseball Field County Grant.

Refuse: There was discussion regarding the Casella trash removal contract. Pierson advised that approximately 30 man-hours per week are being allocated to cardboard and brush pick up. Lowes and Pierson will work together to ensure the Casella agreement is properly adhered to and this should reduce the man hours allocated by the village.

Old Business: Discussion on the Short Term Rental Law was discussed. This will amend the the Zoning Law for less than 30 Day Rentals. The applications will be handled by the Code Enforcement Officer. Once this law is complete it will help implement the plan the board has been working on. There was a motion to allow Pierson to sign the New York State Municipal Energy Program paperwork to look into shared utilities. Next, there was a motion to request John Nelson to remove the Ski Tree by the August meeting of the Village Board; there was a second and ayes carried. There was a motion to reinstate a committee that oversees the four corner district and will not be comprised of more than six people; there was a second and ayes carried.

New Business: There was a motion that the Village Board is in favor of the Intermunicipal Agreement for the Water Distribution System, if the Town Board passes the Village Board will sign; there was a second and ayes carried. If there is a draft in front of the board the next month a Public Hearing could be set for September.

The next meeting of the Village Board is Monday Aug. 13 at 6 p.m.  at the Village Hall.