Betty Meierjurgen of Little Valley, New York, is the featured artist at the Ellicottville Memorial Library through October 15.

Betty’s love of nature shines through in her beautiful landscape paintings featuring the scenery near her country home in Little Valley, and her Winter retreat in Florida. Betty is young at heart; always learning, experimenting, and challenging herself.  Her joy of creating art shines through in her portrayal of some fishermen in the early morning surf, and the dappled light on the snow in a forest.

Says Betty of her artistic journey and philosophy:

“I began as a self-taught oil painter while in my teens and early twenties; however, marriage, family and work, forced me to put away my paints.  Many years later I realized I was in a position to retire and get back to my love of oil painting.  There are those who say that when the pupil is ready the teacher appears, and so it was with me.  After a few years of working alone, I was able to contact a wonderful professional to work with and have never regretted my early retirement to return to painting.

I look at my paintings as a form of communication.  The message is evolving in my work, but I know it involves the possibilities of an unknown future.  Many of my paintings are landscapes that have creeks, roads, paths, dark areas, things with an uncertain ending that provoke the individual’s curiosity.  Those who go ahead into uncharted waters have always inspired me. This desire to look around the corners, to grow, explore and develop in spite of the unknown, is what makes us who we are: human.”

The Ellicottville Memorial Library is located at 6499 Maples Road in Ellicottville, NY. Hours are 10 to 5 daily except Sunday. Evening hours are 5-8pm Tuesday and Wednesday.