By Caitlin Croft

U12/10/8 Athletes competed in two events this past weekend at Buffalo Ski Club and Kissing Bridge. BSC was a slalom and KB was a dual paneled slalom.

A paneled slalom is where Giant Slalom Gates are used that have the “flag” between them. This is always a fun event and there is a Shoot Out at the end where the athletes can win gear and swag. 

Buffalo Ski Club:

**The girls results were not posted to report and will be included in next week’s article**

U12 Boys: Gavin Weinstein of HoliMont took home gold followed by teammates Coleman Carls and Cody Preston in second and third respectively. Ethan Peters (HO) took 4th, Holden Bozek (HO) 5th, Avery Platt (HO) 6th, George Wiley (HO) 8th, Jasper Tullet (HO) 10th and Chase Zumkehr (HO) 11th. Vincent Scott (HO) finished 13th, Christian Lisowsky (HO) 14th and Shay Malone (HO) 16th.

U10 Boys: Holiday Valley’s Hudson Marshall found himself on top of the podium in 1st and was also the fastest athlete of the day winning by 5.67 seconds. Harrison Bozek (HO) took home the silver and Matthias Michalek (HV) with the bronze. Michael McCulloch (HO) finished 4th, Tucker DuPaul (HO) 5th, Caleb Miller (HV) 8th, Colin Malone (HO) 10th, Jude Lisowsky (HO) 11th, Kaden Tichband (HO) 12th and Ashton McGeachie (HO) 13th. 

U8 Boys: Robert Marshall (HV) finished with the gold medal and an impressive 10th overall. Myer Bruen (HO) took home the silver and Mason Cummings (HO) with the bronze. Milan Knezic (HO) finished 4th and Jack Rathbun (HO) 5th.

Kissing Bridge: 

U12 Girls: HoliMont girls swept the podium with Mia Kerl 1st, Olivia Cummings 2nd and Georgia Priestman 3rd. Jane Rathbun (HO) finished 4th, Sophia Goldberg (HV) 5th, Grace Privitera (HV) 6th, Eniko Knezic (HO) 8th, Saoirse Teahan (HO) 9th, Hannah Goldberg (HV) 11th, Eilis Teahan (HO) 12th, Marlena Pecora (HO) 13th and Teagan Banyard (HO) 14th. Georgia Hewson (HO) took 15th, Isobel Fraser (HV) 16th, Annabella Malone (HO) 18th and Bridget Byers (HO) 19th.

U12 Boys: Henry Black of Holiday Valley took home the gold medal. Gavin Weinstein (HO) finished with the silver and Coleman Carls (HO) with the bronze. Holden Bozek (HO) placed 4th, JR Palmerton (HV) 5th, Ethan Peters (HO) 6th, Kester Tichband (HO) 7th, Avery Platt (HO) 8th, Cody Preston (HO) 9th, Grant Stephens (HV) 10th and Chase Zumkehr (HO) 11th. Declan Coleman (HV) 12th, Vincent Scott (HV) 16th, Christian Lisowsky (HO) 17th and Shay Malone (HO) 19th.

U10 Girls: HoliMont girls swept the podium as well with Isabella Cummings 1st, Payton Weinstein 2nd and Ruby Burget 3rd. Presley Napolitano (HO) took 4th, Lilah Buitenhuis (HO) 5th, Madison Scarpace (HO) 7th and Sadie Bruen (HO) 8th. 

U10 Boys: Hudson Marshall (HV) once again took home the gold medal. Harrison Bozek (HO) finished with the silver and Michael McCulloch with the bronze. Tucker DuPaul (HO) took 4th, Jude Lisowsky (HO) 7th, Matthias Michalek (HV) 8th, Caleb Miller (HV) 9th, Colin Malone (HO) 10th, Sam Moore (HO) 11th, Kaden Tichband (HO) 12th and Ashton McGeachie (HO) 14th.

U8 Boys: Robert Marshall (HV) finished again with the gold medal with teammate Maddox DuPaul just .04 seconds behind with the silver medal. Milan Knezic (HO) took home the bronze and teammate Myer Bruen finished 4th. Mason Cummings (HO) placed 5th, Jack Rathbun (HO) 6th and Ryan Campbell (HO) 7th. 

The next U12/10/8 race will be a Kombi held at HoliMont on Feb. 24. A Kombi a combination of Slalom and Giant Slalom with varying turn shapes throughout the course.

Get out there and cheer on these kids, you never know one could be the next Lindsay Vonn! 

U21/19/16 athletes traveled to Hunt Hollow for a Giant Slalom and Snow Ridge for the Annual Silversmith Slalom.  

Hunt Hollow: 

U21/19 Men: Jes Sauereisen (HV) finished 8th, W. Logan Hubert (HV) 17th, 

U16 Women: Charleigh Priestman (HO) finished 8th, Sophia Gambino (HV) 9th, Rory Sauereisen (HV) 13th, Cece Carls (HO) 15th, Evelyn Polly (HV) 19th and Brooke Willer (HV) 23rd. 

U16 Men: Nicholas Koerber (HV) took 7th. 

Snow Ridge:

U21/19 Women: Zoe Knauss (HO) took home the silver medal. 

U21/19 Men: W. Logan Hubert (HV) finished 38th.

U16 Women: Simona Muscarella (HO) finished 17th, Cece Carls (HO) 18th and Charleigh Priestman (HO) 22nd.

U16 Men: Laz Rifkin of Holiday Valley finished with the gold medal and teammate Mitchell Azcarate took home the silver. Will Knauss (HO) placed 21st. 

U21/19/16 athletes travel to Gore and West Mountain for their State Championships Feb. 22 through 24.

U16s will be at Gore for Super G and Giant Slalom and West Mountain for their Slalom. U21/19 athletes will be at West Mountain for their Giant Slalom and Slalom and Gore for their Super G.