Do you like maple syrup? Have you ever wondered how it’s made and how it gets from the trees to your stack of pancakes? Your chance to find out has never been easier, with two weekends of maple fun coming up March 18-19 and 25-26.

Every spring, the members of the New York State Maple Producers Association invite families and friends into their sugarhouses to experience the world of pure NY maple syrup. Located at approximately 160 farms and museums across New York State, Maple Weekends offer a delicious, fun-filled outing that has a little something for all maple lovers to taste and experience.

During Maple Weekends, guests can stop by numerous area maple farms, learn about New York’s maple farming processes and traditions, and indulge in tasting pure maple syrup in its many forms right from the source.

There are many maple farms within a short drive of Ellicottville—check out one of many. For the complete listing, visit www.nysmaple.com.