By Jann Wiswall

Annual reviews of municipal insurance policies may sound dull, but when a municipality has had a fire and experienced firsthand a major insurance settlement, you can be sure that the new policy will cover every base.

That was the primary task for the Mansfield Town Board at its Monday, June 17 meeting, which has been dealing with the aftermath of the Town Highway Garage fire since last October.

Evans Agency agent Jeff Miller walked the board through the entire policy for nearly two hours, asking and answering questions and making recommendations in response to questions from the board, Town Supervisor Bob Keis and acting Highway Superintendent Brad Hurley. The policy covers all municipally owned buildings and vehicles, employee benefits, equipment, etc., and provides extensive liability coverage.

The board asked that an additional short-term “builders’ risk” policy be added to cover the new highway barn while it is under construction. In addition, coverage for the old cold storage barn, which was improved in order to serve as a temporary garage after the fire, will be increased to cover those improvements and replacement values of other property and equipment will be adjusted up or down.

Miller and the board also reviewed proposed coverage for each town vehicle and made adjustments based on age of the vehicle and replacement value. Further adjustments will be made based on better estimates of values on older vehicles.

The board also asked Miller to provide estimates to add liability coverage to four cemeteries in Mansfield. While none of the cemeteries is owned by Mansfield or anyone else, the town has had to take some responsibility for their maintenance (e.g. mowing), so the board felt it must cover them as well.

In the end, the town’s premium — while subject to change due to these requested additions, deletions and adjustments — will total approximately $20,300 when renewed on July 15. This represents about a $1,200 increase over last year.

In other business, the board opened sealed bids from three companies for electrical materials needed for the new highway garage. The bid requests had four components: 1) electrical fixtures; 2) generator and transfer switch; 3) 400-amp panel and associated materials; and 3) wire/conduit/receptacles/switches.

Bids from L.A. Hazard & Sons were accepted for components 1 and 2. Maynard’s Electric was awarded the bids for components 3 and 4.

In addition to bid awards, the board reappointed Robin Pearl to a new six-year term as town assessor beginning at the end of her current term on Sept. 30, 2013, agreed to write a letter to county legislators in support of a multi-municipality request to rebuild County Road 13, reviewed the town building inspector’s bi-annual status report, and approved a “working supervisor” position for the Town Highway Department to ensure there is supervisory coverage for Hurley when he is not available. There is also an opening in the highway department for a full-time temporary employee to work through the summer.

The next meeting of the Mansfield Board will be held July 15, 2013, at 7 p.m. at the Town Hall.