By Jann Wiswall

The Town of Mansfield board held its monthly meeting on Nov. 18 with a fairly brief agenda and two guests from Ellicottville High School, seniors Emily Timkey and Emily Uhrinek, who attended the meeting for their U.S. government class. Town Supervisor Bob Keis welcomed the students on the board’s behalf.

Keis then briefed the board on the status of several ongoing issues, including a request from Eddyville residents asking the town to install two streetlights in the center of the village to improve safety. Keis said he is still awaiting estimates from National Grid for installation and operating costs.

Keis reported that a Mansfield residential property recently was declared unsafe. The home was inspected at the request of one of the co-owners of the property. Mansfield’s code enforcement officer, Gil Wiswall, visited the home and observed several building and zoning code violations, as well as fire hazards. The home was vacated on Nov. 8.

The board was scheduled to review a revised building permit fee structure at the evening’s meeting. The new fee schedule was prepared and presented to the board by the town’s Planning Board. Because town board member Bob Schmidt was absent, Keis suggested waiting until the December meeting to have a full discussion, but asked if anyone had any initial comments.

Board member James Hammond asked if a proposed fee of $100 for a building “permit after construction has started” was actually a fine. Keis replied that it is not a fine since no court appearance would be required, but that it is intended as a deterrent to starting construction without a permit. Hammond also asked if fees for sheds should be included. Keis said he thought that was covered by the fees/square foot instructions included in the proposed list, but that he would confirm that with the Planning Board.

Board member Nancy Meeder pointed out that fees for junk yards were missing from the list. Keis said he would check with the Planning Board on that, as well.

Brad Hurley, acting highway superintendent, reported that all plumbing work has been completed for offices, restrooms and the break room in the new highway department garage. As soon as final electrical work is done, hopefully by the end of the week, the new building can be fully occupied and the temporary trailer can be decommissioned.

The next meeting of the Town of Mansfield board will be held on Dec. 16 at 7 p.m.