By Jann Wiswall

Gary Hahn has resigned his elected position as Town of Mansfield Highway Superintendent. The resignation  was effective Saturday, March 23. Hahn, who was serving in his second term as Superintendent, delivered his resignation letter in person to Town of Mansfield Supervisor Bob Keis.

The resignation comes after a dozen or more Mansfield residents attended the March 18 meeting of the Town Board of Directors to express their concern about the perception that Hahn had not been doing his job since September or October of last year. The board sympathized with the residents’ concerns and explained that it had sought legal and other advice on the issue, but determined there was little they could do. Barring voluntary resignation, Keis explained that it is extremely difficult to get elected officials dismissed during their terms.

Since that Board meeting, the issue was covered by local and Buffalo media, including WGRZ’s Ron Plants who unsuccessfully attempted to interview Hahn at his home on Friday, March 22.

Keis says that the board will officially accept the resignation on Monday, April 1, during a previously planned special meeting. At that time, he said, it is likely the Board will appoint Deputy Highway Superintendent Brad Hurley to fill the position in an acting capacity through the end of Hahn’s term on December 31. Hurley has already been doing the work of the Superintendent in Hahn’s absence at the Board’s request.

An election for a new Highway Superintendent, as well as other Town officials, is already scheduled for November.

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