Town May Receive FEMA Aid

By Jann Wiswall

There’s a brand new 2015 Mack GU 712 single-axle, AWD truck in the Town of Mansfield and town board members had a chance to take a good look at the long-awaited vehicle before their meeting on Monday, July 21. The truck replaces one lost in the 2012 highway department barn fire. Highway Superintendent Brad Hurley said the truck was put to work immediately and operates as expected.

During the meeting, board members Nancy Meeder and Robert Schmidt (two other members, Larry Johnson and Greg Meyer, were absent) were updated on the status of a number of ongoing topics and issues.

Town Supervisor Bob Keis reported that representatives from Mansfield and other Cattaraugus County municipalities that applied to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for assistance after spring flooding are meeting with agency representatives this week to be briefed on its decision to help fund repairs. He and Town Highway Superintendent Brad Hurley will report back to the board on results of that meeting next month.

Keis also reported on the following.

Kent Road Bridge: Keis and representatives from the county are scheduled to meet to try to determine ownership of the bridge. While the bridge is safe for traffic, no one is certain yet who is responsible for needed repairs. Keis, who believes it is a county bridge, hopes the issue will be resolved during that meeting so that funding can be included in next year’s county budget.

Board Review of Ledgers: Keis explained that the town’s auditors suggested that, while the board has always reviewed monthly financial reports of the general and highway department budgets, the monthly ledgers of line-by-line expenditures also should be shared. Keis did so at the July meeting and will continue to do so going forward.

Streetlight District in Eddyville: At the request of several Eddyville residents, Keis looked into what it would take to install streetlights along Toad Hollow Road through the hamlet. After determining that the residents would be wholly responsible for paying for the installation of lights and their operation, residents rejected the idea.

Time Warner Cable: Keis and board member Robert Schmidt said they met with a marketing representative from Time Warner Cable. They hoped to learn about the company’s long-term expansion plans for the area and, specifically, for the town. Unfortunately, the representative “was completely unprepared,” said Schmidt, and was unable to answer their questions, but would get back to Keis and Schmidt by Aug. 10. Schmidt said he will stay on top of the issue; Keis felt they are at least “getting closer to getting the information we need.”

In addition to discussion of the above, the board reappointed Annie Widger and Alan Stocker to the Town Planning Board for seven-year terms and Glenn Sanders and Stocker to the Zoning Board of Appeals for five-year terms.

The next meeting of the Mansfield Town Board will be held on Monday, Aug. 18 at 7 p.m. at the municipal building. All are welcome to attend.