Friends of Holiday Valley have made so many memories over the years. Whether it was their first time skiing, great conversations with your kids on the chairlift or maybe even meeting the love of your life. Since the “old” Clubhouse Chalet was built in 1962, it has housed many memories over the years from weddings to corporate meetings and good old rockin après parties! The annual New Year’s Eve party has been a staple of our event lineup for close to 50 years. Every year, skiers have been meeting at the top to ski in the Torchlight Parade. For over 30 years, guests have been kicking up their heels and enjoying the legendary fireworks display at midnight.

Now that the Clubhouse Chalet is no more and we are gearing up to host the New Year’s Eve Party in the new Holiday Valley Lodge. We asked some of our friends to share their favorite New Years Eve memory in the old Clubhouse Chalet.

“One of my favorite memories was having my whole extended family there and my niece being asked to dance by Robbie Yahn!” – Jane Eshbaugh

“Getting a call from my friends and family while I was in the hospital with my newborn daughter. They held the phone up so I could hear the fireworks and all the fun!” – Anonymous

“So many years of fun parties with my ski friends. It was always the place to meet up to ring in the New Year!” – Kristen Sciara

“I had such a blast bartending at the West Bar for the last New Year’s Eve party in the old lodge. Everyone was having a great time!” – Pat Morgan

“One year, many years ago, a certain department drank too many Alabama Slammers and ended in a pile in the middle of the Cindy’s headwall. To the observer, the large red glow looked like part of the show!”

“The anticipation of the 1999 New Year’s Eve was awesome. Everyone thought the world was going to end!” – Pat Morgan

“One year, there were so many people that if you wanted to go from one end of the building to the other you had to leave through the West Bar doors, walk outside and enter through the East Bar doors!” – Shirley Roblee

“Ted LaCroix, aka the SkolBandit, led the Torchlight Parade in a white top hat and tails.”

“I remember leading the Torchlight Parade through little patches of snow and wearing Carharts!” – Kim Reading

Join us to ring in 2013 at the annual New Year’s Party in the NEW Holiday Valley Lodge. The party kicks off at 9 p.m. with DJ John Barry playing music until 1 a.m. Your friendly bartenders will be serving up fun cocktail special for kids and adults and host a champagne toast at midnight. You won’t want to miss the Holiday Valley Groomer fleet parading down Cindy’s Run at 11:15. Then the legendary Torchlight Parade also down Cindy’s Run at 11:30. The night will end with a spectacular fireworks show at 11:45 p.m. and the grand finale at midnight.

No cover! Champagne toast and noisemakers too!

Thank you to the “old” Clubhouse Chalet for so many years of great memories. Now we can look forward to making new ones in the NEW Holiday Valley Lodge for many years to come!


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