By Jann Wiswall

The Ellicottville Town Board of Directors discussed numerous issues related to major construction projects, budget issues and recreational trail progress during its monthly meeting held Oct. 17.

The “good news,” said Supervisor John Burrell, is that the old highway garage building has been sold and settled, and the highway department buildings are coming along nicely.

Building sold: The old highway garage building at Routes 219 and 242 was purchased by Tim Hortons. Funds from the sale of the building will be put in the general fund.

Highway Department buildings: Highway Department head Dave Golley was not present at the meeting, but Town Engineer Mark Alianello summarized bids he had received for projects related to both the pole barn and the new main highway department building. Bids are in process for concrete floors, radiant heat and exhaust systems. Alianello showed the board new photographs of both buildings and their current construction status. Steel beams have been erected for the main building. The pole barn is under roof.

Engineering Department projects: Alianello reported that materials have been delivered for construction of the water line extension at Routes 219 and 242. The project is scheduled to begin Oct. 29. He also said that the town’s new water rules and regulations have been approved by the Village of Ellicottville; approval by the Towns of Mansfield and Great Valley are still needed. Alianello also reported that the floodplain study contractor has begun work and is making good progress.

Police Activity at Fall Fest: Police Department Chief Don Auge reported that Fall Fest went well from a law and order perspective. Officers warned many revelers about open container laws; all complied when asked to throw their beverages away. He noted that there were 15 officers on duty Friday evening, and 17 or 18 on Saturday. County and State troopers were on duty in addition to local police.

Budget Resolution: Town Supervisor John Burrell asked for a resolution to transfer funds from the unexpended funds balance to the building repairs budget line due to unanticipated expenses related to repair of the town cupola. The resolution was carried.

Recreational Trail Update: Councilmember Ken Hinman reported that the proposed recreational trail continues to generate a lot of community interest. He thanked Mark Alianello for joining the committee and providing especially valuable expertise. Committee members are meeting with some of Olean’s Allegany River Valley Trail planners to learn more about their project. Hinman also said that he is working with Holiday Valley President Dennis Eshbaugh to ensure that Holiday Valley’s plans for roadway and parking lot improvements take the recreational trail plans into account.

Donlen Drive: Councilmember Greg Fitzpatrick relayed information about his discussion with the bank representative handling the Donlen Drive property. Apparently, a bank handling the original foreclosure stopped doing foreclosures. At about the same time, numerous changes to federal and state laws related to foreclosures were made. The new bank that took over the property was required to resubmit all paperwork according to the new laws. That process is now close to completion. Once approved, the bank will be able to offer the property for sale.

Other Business: Supervisor Burrell said that he had signed the necessary paperwork requesting that the County Supreme Court approve the sale of the Cooperative Extension Service building. Approval must be received from the State Attorney General’s office, as well. He also said he received a letter from State Senator Catharine Young congratulating Ellicottville for being able to fund the new transportation building without the need for bonds.

The November town board meeting has been moved ahead one week to Nov. 14 at 6 p.m. at the Town Hall. A public hearing will be held at that time to hear comments on the recommendation to override a 2 percent tax levy limit. There also will be a public hearing on the 2013 town budget.

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