Ellicottville Times Appreciates Readers’ Understanding of Its Role in Our Community

By Daniel Meyer

It is the belief of some of the most successful newspaper publishers across the country that the main purpose of a newspaper is to serve your community. While making a profit and continually growing the business is important, a publication that provides interesting, informative and entertaining content should never forget why it exists.

While the continued advancement of the Internet and use of iPads and smart phones cannot be denied, weekly publications such as the Ellicottville Times — a locally owned and operated newspaper — play a very important role in our society. Thanks to the hard work of an award-winning staff that has over a quarter-of-a-century of experience in the resort and tourism industry, the Ellicottville Times remains dedicated to churning out an advertiser and reader supported product on a weekly basis. As the official newspaper of the Town of Ellicottville, Village of Ellicottville, Town of Great Valley and Town of Mansfield, this newspaper is locally owned, locally operated and locally written.

With an increasing number of community newspapers now being owned by large media organizations, “mom and pop” operations like the Ellicottville Times deliver to its readers and advertisers that personal touch that conglomerate and corporate ownership simply cannot provide. The stories published in this and other locally owned and operated newspapers have more local relevance on a small and intimate scale because they cover the people, places and things of interest to those who live in our community as well as the many who visit our region.

Unlike other media outlets, a locally owned newspaper has the time, effort and energy to be flexible, creative and truly think outside of the box when it comes to coverage of issues of great importance in our community. The focus is always on content that is local as opposed to syndicated articles and stories published by other newspapers that are designed with a corporate mindset and approach to simply filling space.

Approximately 95 percent of newspapers published in this country are classified as “community” publications that each have a circulation of 50,000 or below. Their combined circulation — an estimated 109 million — is triple that of the combined circulation of our country’s large daily newspapers. While study after study continues to present facts that circulation numbers for daily newspapers for home delivery and newsstand sales continue to decline, the value in the minds of readers and advertisers of weekly newspapers such as the Ellicottville Times continues to rise.

A free weekly printed publication has a number of advantages, including the simple fact that it is a bargain. In addition to top-notch editorial content covering a wide variety of topics, newspapers readers have access to print advertising and coupons that promote sales and special offers. An established loyal customer base is in place because the publisher and editorial staff of this newspaper work incredibly hard to create positive relationships with members of the community.

As the Ellicottville Times’ reputation grows, more and more community members place their trust in a locally owned and operated business that provides timely and accurate information that both educates and entertains its readers. By advertising with a trusted local weekly newspaper that has loyal customers, other locally owned and operated businesses can keep more tax dollars here by encouraging readers to spend their money in their own community.

The Ellicottville Times is published each week in an effort to archive the history of our region and its people and help to highlight why our community is an incredible place in which to live, work and play. Supporting locally owned and operated newspapers as opposed to publications owned by someone who does not live or work here seems like a no-brainer when you factor in the geography, captive audience and many other benefits that any locally owned and operated paper can provide to its customers.

We thank you for your patronage, your loyalty and your respect as readers and remain grateful when local business owners choose to advertise with us. To receive recognition from merchants and entrepreneurs that they firmly believe in our ability to effectively relay their messages to our readers is not something we take lightly.

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