By Jann Wiswall

A public hearing scheduled by the Ellicottville Village Board to consider an amendment to a local zoning law was cancelled Monday, March 10, after the board learned that the county planning board had not held its Feb. 27 meeting on the subject due to weather. As a result, the village board was unable to act and will reschedule the public hearing for April 14.

The amendment to Local Law #2 of 2014 would rezone the former American Locker site at 16 Martha St. from industrial zoning to village commercial 3. Approvals have been obtained from the Ellicottville Village Zoning Board of Appeals and the village planning board. The delay of the public hearing also means that the village planning board must delay its review of architectural and site plans for the project.

The property’s owners, who attended the meeting and public hearing, asked if there was a way the board could somehow approve the law pending county planning board approval in order to keep the project on schedule, but Village Attorney Bob Simon said that was not possible.

In other business, the board heard a presentation from Mary Lynn Boberg, who is organizing a fundraising event at Ellicottville Brewing Company this summer. The event, which is called “The Art of Rescue” and features artist Michael Israel, is scheduled for Aug. 2. Proceeds will benefit the Holiday Valley and HoliMont Ski Patrols.

Village Mayor Charlie Coolidge and the rest of the board assured Boberg that the event has its support. Coolidge also asked Boberg to make sure EBC contacts the board’s special events committee chair, Patra Lowes, to coordinate plans, permits and other details for the event.

Department Reports

Public Works: The depart-ment of public works has been dealing with an inordinate number of water line breaks, frozen pipes and frozen sewer lines due to the unusually cold weather this winter. The department also is keeping up with regular maintenance, despite the weather.

Engineering: Jim Camp-olong reported on behalf of Village Engineer Mike Smith that discussion about financing the East Tank project is underway and that a funding proposal is being drafted that will require a joint public hearing for residents of the Town and Village of Ellicottville and the Towns of Mansfield and Great Valley. That hearing has not yet been scheduled.

Campolong also reported that Smith is looking for more cost-effective solutions for renovating the village’s wastewater treatment facility. The plant, which was initially estimated at $1.6 million, is now estimated at some $4 million. Grants and Consolidated Funding Applications (CFAs) will be sought to help pay for the project. Any balance will be covered by village taxpayers.

Special Events: Patra Lowes reported that Doug Bush has applied for permission to hold a half-marathon in Ellicottville in November.

The next meeting of the Ellicottville Village Board will be held on Monday, April 14 at 6 p.m. in the Village/Town Hall.