By Caitlin Croft

Katy’s Cafe opened in March of 2012 between the old Ellicottville Inn Building (where Ava Grace Fashions currently is) and the retail store Alexandria. It was an instant success, featuring funky coffee drinks and unique, delicious breakfast sandwiches and wraps. And their lunch options—don’t get me started! I personally am there 4-5 days a week even just to say hi to their awesome staff. There have been so many memories shared in that space and customers became family, but after five years, it’s time for Katy’s to grow into a larger space.

Their new location will be in the old Coffee Culture location next to Madigan’s, and in the same building that houses Dom’s Butcher Block.

In addition to Katy’s Café, in September 2015, Katy’s owner Katy Arena opened a second location on 219 in Great Valley called Katy’s Fly-In. There she is serving up delicious dinner selections and specials in addition to her always fabulous breakfast and lunch menu. The Fly-In also has beer & wine selections.

Recently, I sat down with Katy to find out more about this exciting expansion.

ET: What made you decide to move the restaurant?

KA: It just seemed like the right move.  Our five-year lease is up at the end of the spring at our current location.  I do love the space we are in now; however, it has just become too small for our customer base. During weekends, it becomes very crowded.  I have often been asked where is the rest of your dining room and my only reply can be this is it.  The availability of more space was a key factor in our decision to move and the lovely patio of course!

ET: With now three businesses failing to stay open (at the new location) what makes you think that Katy’s will thrive there?

KA: I think that we have great customers already!  I love each of our everyday “locals”, our seasonal “locals”, weekend warriors and our occasional customers passing by.  With the additional space and parking, I am confident we can continue to grow our customer base.  I am hoping that everyone will enjoy the outdoor patio in the summer and warm up with a hot chocolate in the winter!  It’s always a gamble, that’s what I can hope for anyways.

ET: Do you have plans to expand the menu?

KA: In coming months, I do plan to expand the menu a little.  We are going to start out with what we know and add as we go.  I would like to bring in some new breakfast items as well as lunch.  I would also like to bring in some new ice cream and coffee options as well.

ET: Will the new place model after the Fly In and serve dinner and alcohol?

KA: In the future, I would like to apply for a beer and wine license to serve with dinner, but I think we will leave that open for discussion at a later date.

ET: Any changes to the interior?

KA: We are making some slight changes to the interior.  Obviously, a fresh coat of paint!  We are also doing some work to the kitchen area and putting in a “bar” area like the one at the café where customers can sit and eat and enjoy conversation.

ET: Will you expand your staff or hire a manager with this added workload?

KA: Yes, we are expanding our staff.   With the added space, we will need some new waitresses and baristas.  I will most likely hire a manager in the future.

ET: Any last thoughts?

KA: I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart to all our customers who have supported us throughout the years.  All of you who I get to see every day or every week or once in a while and the ones who have left us, I would never have been able to do any of this without you all and your continued support!

The tentative opening date in the Café’s new location June 2, just in time for Girls Getaway Weekend. There will be a break between service at their current location and the opening, but it will only be three days.

If you haven’t had the chance to have coffee or lunch at Katy’s, make sure it is on your list for your next Ellicottville adventure. I promise you won’t be disappointed!