On Feb. 21-22, HoliMont’s FLITE team hosted the FLITE Cup on the slopes of Holimont.

Feb. 21 Aerials

“The Jump” was the scene for this awesome display of aerial skills of 43 athletes, 20 of whom were from the host mountain. The FLITE Team made the most of the Dual-Aerial Competition, topping the podium in both events. Marissa Vasatka and Lucas Goodin lead the charge of the FLITE Team, taking top spots in both competitions.



Aerial 1:

Marissa Vasatka led the ladies with 1st Overall, followed by Hayleigh Holland in 4th, Alliy Hansen in 7th, Abi Hayes-Vickers in 9th, Lexi Crotty in 11th, Caitlin Woodrow in 15th and Sasha MacGregor in 17th.

Lucas Goodin led the males in 1st, with teammates Parker Johnston and Evan Dermott filling out the Top 3 Overall podium. Sean Ryan finished in 7th, Mitch Wayland and Brandon Crotty were in 9th and 10th, respectively; Michael Kennedy, 12th, RJ Cancilla, 17th, Julian Robertson, 19th, Colin Woodrow, 23rd, Carter Johnston, 24th and Jack Rath, 27th.

Aerial 2:

Marissa Vasatka again topped the podium; however, this time she was joined by teammates Lexi Crotty and Alliy Hansen who finished 2nd and 3rd. Hayleigh Holland finished 7th, followed by Sasha MacGregor, 11th, Abi Hayes-Vickers in 12th, and Caitlin Woodrow in 17th.

Lucas Goodin was joined on the podium with teammate Evan Dermott, who saw the FLITE Team boys go 1-2, followed very closely by Parker Johnston in 4th place. Parker missed the podium by 0.02 points. RJ Cancilla finished 8th, followed by Sean Ryan in 9th, Mitch Wayland in 11th, Brandon Crotty in 15th, Michael Kennedy in 17th, Julian Robertson in 19th, Colin Woodrow in 22nd, and Carter Johnston in 25th.

Feb. 22- Moguls

Warmer weather greeted our mogul competitors Sunday on “Downspout,” the scene of some great mogul skiing in a great mogul competition. Eighty-five skiers from five different teams accounted for the field, 24 of whom came from the FLITE Team. Participating in their first mogul competition was Carter Johnston, Ryan McQuilkin, Ben Macdonald, and James LaRose.

Alliy Hansen led the female charge, with the fastest time of any other competitor, both males and females, through the tough course. Alliy made her way to the bottom of Downspout, and to the top of the podium in 22.49 seconds. Hayleigh Holland finished 5th overall, 2nd in her age, while Annie Dietrich finished 6th overall, 2nd in her age. Sasha MacGregor finished 19th overall, 4th in her age, while Abi Hayes-Vickers finished 26th overall, 2nd in her age. Caitlin Woodrow finished 30th overall, 3rd in her age.

The males were led by Sean Ryan, 5th overall, 2nd in his age, while Evan Dermott was 6th overall, 2nd in his age. Mitch Wayland followed up his strong weekend with a 9th place overall, 4th in his age, as Travis Goodin had a personal best day finishing 12th overall, 5th in his age. Cameron Evans, 13th overall, 4th in age, and RJ Cancilla 14th overall, 5th in age rounded out the top half of the field.

Nicholas O’Neill and Jack Rath finished 30th and 31st overall,12th and 13th in age. Michael Kennedy and Brandon Crotty finished 35th and 36th overall, 9th and 10th in their age. Ryan McQuilkin, Julian Robertson, Ben MacDonald, Matt Cancilla and Colin Woodrow finished 44th-48th overall, 14th in age, 10th in age, 15th in age, 11th in age and 12th in age. James LaRose, Finn Lincoln and Cater Johnston finished 52nd, 53rd and 55th overall, 16th and 17th in their age, and 13th in age.

Overall, all the FLITE Team athletes were able to display what they have been working on over the course of the entire season. The event featured many great accomplishments and great story lines.

Overall Combined and Team Award

The Overall Combined athletes competed in all three events— the Double Aerial Meet on Saturday and single Mogul Comp on Sunday. Thirty nine athletes competed in all three events, with Holimont FLITE Team athletes taking three of the six podium spots, and both top spots overall.

Alliy Hansen topped the female podium, followed by Hayleigh Holland in 5th place, Sasha MacGregor in 11th, Abi Hayes-Vickers in 12th and Caitlin Woodrow in 15th.

Female Combined Podium: Alliy Hansen, 1st.

Evan Dermott led the males taking the top spot on the podium, joined by Sean Ryan in 3rd pace. Mitch Wayland finished 6th, RJ Cancilla 7th, and Brandon Crotty 9th, rounded out the top 10. Michael Kennedy finished 11th, Julian Robertson finished 18th, while Colin Woodrow placed 21st, Carter Johnston 23rd and Jack Rath 24th.

Overall Combined Male Podium: Evan Dermott, 1st, Sean Ryan, 3rd.

The FLITE Cup is awarded to the mountain with the most points based on place finishes. Each top three finish in age groups are assigned point values, with 1st place worth 3 points, 2nd place worth 2 points, and 3rd place worth 1 point.

Holimont FLITE Team won the FLITE Cup in 2014, and defended ownership of the cup in 2015.

For more information, visit www.fliteteam.com.