By Alicia Dziak

This weekend’s third annual Winter Arts Festival will feature a variety of talented local artists sharing their creative talents with guests in the Holiday Valley Lodge. One new artist debuting at this year’s show is Heidi Marie Jimerson, a spirit artist.

Jimerson, who works with children at Seneca Intermediate School in Salamanca and whose own kids attend Ellicottville Central, has been doing spirit art for almost 20 years. She said she got into it after attending a psychic fair and meeting spirit artist and registered medium Bonnie White, who resided in Lily Dale, NY and created a spirit art piece for her. “I had one done by her and was amazed,” Jimerson explained. She ran into White several years later and had another one done, at which time White suggested that Jimerson take her class on the subject. Jimerson did, and was inspired.

“I thoroughly enjoy tapping into the spirit realm while peacefully creating art,” she said.

For years, she did it as a hobby for personal enjoyment and relaxation. Over time, Jimerson began to share her work with friends and family, who encouraged her to share her unique and abstract art with the world.

Jimerson explained her process of creating each unique piece involves lighting a candle and meditating a moment. She then chooses a color, closes her eyes and lets the chalk in her hand flow across the paper.

“I then open my eyes and begin exploring the drawing,” she explained. “I will try to highlight or outline some things I see in the drawing. I’m always amazed by the things that appear in my drawing, especially considering the majority of my work is done with my eyes closed.”

Animals, objects, faces, symbols, letters and sometimes angels literally appear on the paper. “Throughout the entire process, intuitively, information comes in, which I share with the recipient,” Jimerson explained.

“My passion is to be able to share this gift with others. We are all born with intuition, but some are born with it to help others. It is truly a fascinating and rewarding experience and I feel very honored to have received this gift.”

Jimerson will have limited edition framed prints of her work for sale at the Winter Arts Festival Nov. 18.

She noted that while these are prints, she has always believed in the mystical appearance of sparkles, and added glitter to each print to make each one truly unique.

Jimerson will also be booking individual sessions during that time. For more info, contact Jimerson at