Ellicottville Native Making his Mark as an Illustrator

By Daniel Meyer

“No great artist ever sees things as they really are. If he did, he would cease to be an artist.”– Oscar Wilde

The quote above most accurately describes Logan Fitzpatrick’s aspirations as an artist, illustrator and painter. The Ellicottville native is certainly making his mark in what has become an intriguing career, with recent international exposure and various upcoming projects among the highlights of Fitzpatrick’s constant efforts to express himself as a professional in a field that allows him to flex his creative muscles.

A 2009 graduate of the Ellicottville Central School District, the 23-year-old Fitzpatrick currently works as a graphic designer for a music merchant company, utilizing his unique skill set as a way to earn a living while using his free time to draw, paint and design whatever is on his mind at that particular moment.

“I have always been an artist and I think I will probably always be someone who strives to be creative and express myself through my work,” said Fitzpatrick. “I enjoy it. I really can’t imagine my life without my artwork being a major part of what I do and focus on pretty much every single day.”

Fitzpatrick attended Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in communication design in 2013. His time in college was dominated by a complete focus on illustration, with lots of hard work and effort resulting in Fitzpatrick receiving two American Graphic Design Awards from GD USA.

When asked to describe his artwork, Fitzpatrick does not hesitate to share his philosophy on how he approaches each project.

“I try to make my work fun and vibrant to look at,” said Fitzpatrick. “Obviously each specific piece of work has its own message, but for the most part what I do is utilize as much color as possible to really make what I create stand out and make some type of statement. I want it to be as fun to observe and look at it as it was for me to create. I hope to leave some type of impression on whoever looks at it and get them to think and maybe even wonder or ask questions about what it is that they see.”

Fitzpatrick carries a sketchbook practically everywhere he goes and can regularly be seen by family members, friends and co-workers scribbling down notes and drawing whatever images happen to be dancing around in his head at that particular moment.

“I just write down whatever it is I happen to be thinking or jot down a few notes on different thoughts I have so that later I can maybe expand on those, and that is how some of my best work begins,” says Fitzpatrick. “It is almost a diary of sorts. While it is not very organized or particularly easy to read, it is my daily journal of thoughts and ideas, and it is how I stay creative and vibrant.”

The son of Tom and Karen Fitzpatrick, much of his passion and drive to be a successful artist comes from his parents and how they raised him. Karen Fitzpatrick is known to many in the region for her work as a stained glass artist and it is her creative vision that her son credits for inspiring him to pursue his own career.

“My mom is a big influence on me,” said Fitzpatrick. “When I was young she took me to the library every week and I was constantly signing out about 10 books at a time, finding all of my favorites like ‘Calvin & Hobbes’ and other illustrated works that I loved to read and look at. She also used to take me to the Albright Knox Art Gallery, and I just loved being there and viewing and experiencing the tremendous works of art.”

Fitzpatrick said his father also helped mold his quirky and unique mindset that is often reflected in his artwork.

“My dad is great because we used to watch a lot of cartoons together, especially on Saturday mornings,” recalled Fitzpatrick. “He’s a funny guy and his sense of humor has had such an impact on not only my work but my life in general. I give both of my parents so much credit for always allowing me to express myself and pursue my dreams and be passionate about my work.”

Fitzpatrick’s work was on display on an international stage of sorts during an art show held earlier this year in South Korea, an experience he will never forget.

“There were so many amazing artists who are going unnoticed because they don’t have a platform, which is why being overseas and experiencing that show was unbelievable,” said Fitzpatrick. “I was honored to be a part of that and hope to participate in more of those types of shows in the future if given the opportunity.”

Fitzpatrick’s future plans including more illustration work in the form of online content as well as comic books, with a particular focus on writing the comics for which he provides the detailed illustrations.

“The future is bright for people like me, and all I want to do personally is to continue to expand my horizons and share with others my visions and thoughts and observations of the world,” said Fitzpatrick. “Being an artist is awesome and I honestly have no idea what else I would be doing professionally or in my spare time if I could not be creative. It is my life and my passion and I love it.”