by Rhiannon Rodunardt

Ski Club is important to me and a majority of my fellow classmates at Randolph Central School. We go and enjoy skiing and snowboarding every Wednesday during the season, weather permitting of course. Randolph School goes to Holiday Valley along with several other schools. Holiday Valley provides excellent skiing and lessons for us. The school provides transportation for all students in ski club to and from the Valley. Without this, many students would not be able to ski, since Ellicottville is quite a drive from Randolph. Many parents would not be able to transport their children, therefore making ski club very important to many.

Ski Club is so much fun for my classmates and me. It gives me time to hang out with my friends and do something I truly enjoy. Skiing is not like any other school event. You do not have to try out or compete for a place on the team. You are able to just go and learn and have fun. This is one of the few sports that is open to everyone.

Personally, I snowboard and I love it. I have been snowboarding since I was little. It took a lot of practice to get good at it. I am thankful for all the lessons I was able to take while in ski club to help me learn how to board. I am still participating in the lessons and learning every time I go. I hope to continue throughout my high school years.

I would like to make everyone aware of the importance of ski club to me and many other students and hope the program continues for many years to come.