Help Make Fall Festival Safe and Enjoyable

As Ellicottville readies itself to host its largest Festival of the year, we would like to let you know what we have been working on.

The Special Events Committee, Ellicottville Police Department, Cattaraugus County Sheriff’s Department, NY State Police, EVL Fire Department, Village and Town Boards, Code Enforcement, DPW, Chamber of Commerce, along with input from local residents, merchants and bar owners, have been working diligently on ways to improve and refine Fall Festival as we know it.

Numerous work sessions and meetings have been conducted to review and address both the weak and the strong points of the festival, with the main goal being to provide a quality event while maintaining safety, control and integrity to our residents, guests and properties.

ZERO TOLERANCE is the LAW and will be strictly enforced. This means absolutely no alcohol is allowed on village streets. You will not be allowed to leave an establishment or private property, walk to, from or within the village with open containers. Drink it or leave it. Public intoxication and disorderly conduct will not be tolerated.

NOISE LEVELS have been addressed with the local bars and beer tents. Outdoor live music will end at 11 p.m. quieter, background music until 12 p.m. in accordance with the local sound level ordinance. Establishments with indoor music will follow the sound ordinance for volumes as written. House parties will also be obligated to obey this law.

PARKING: We strongly encourage carpooling, use of shuttles or walking! Space is limited and illegally parked vehicles (including motorcycles) will be ticketed and towed. Fire lanes, hydrants and sidewalks are not to be blocked. Observe all temporary and regular “No Parking” signs. Flagmen for private lots are not allowed in the streets. Illegally parked vehicles on private property are the landowners’ responsibility.

BUSES: Hired bus drop and pick-up site will be located at the DPW building on Mill & Martha Street. Parking for the buses is on Route 219, beyond Holiday Valley Road at the old driving range site. Buses will not be allowed to load or unload elsewhere. Bus lines will be notified of open container law and will be expected to adhere.

SHUTTLE SERVICE: Daytime loading site at Jefferson Street & Martha Street is Saturday & Sunday, 10 a.m.–7 p.m. Evening site has changed to DPW building at Mill Street & Martha Street (behind the Wingate) 7 p.m.–3 a.m. The shuttle destinations will be to most of the condo areas. Other destinations will require the taxi service (call chamber for info at 699-5046). For a taxi, call 375-TAXI. POLICE WILL NOT GIVE YOU A RIDE!

RESTROOMS: There will be plenty of Port-o-Johns provided throughout the festival area. They are cleaned routinely, use them! Public urination is against the law.

EMERGENCY AND FIRST AID LOCATION: Sheriff and First Aid trailers will be located on Washington Street by Coffee Culture.

OCCUPANCY CODES: Code enforcement officer will be on duty to inspect occupancy loads, both public and private.

CELL SERVICE: Have a plan if the towers go down. Know where to meet if you are separated.

VENDORS are to visibly display vendor and health department permits on tents. Sandwich boards, tables/chairs, will not be allowed in order to keep sidewalks and tree lawns open to line of sight for emergency personnel.

Help make Fall Festival safe and enjoyable. If you see something illegal, report it. If you see a mess, clean it up. Play by the rules. The future of Fall Fest depends on it.

Sincerely, Special Events Committee, Ellicottville Village and Town Boards, Local, County and State Police Departments, Ellicottville Fire Department, Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce.