Thank You Ellicottville!

“Thanks” never seems like enough after all that you have done for others. But for most of us who benefit from your generosity, you are an inspiration, providing a renewed vigor to achieve.

The volunteers of the Lounsbury Adaptive Ski Program at Holiday Valley are once again able to continue our efforts to reach out to less able skiers, and provide our students the opportunity to hit the slopes with their friends and families, ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

Thank you people and business owners of Ellicottville and surrounding communities. Thank you Holiday Valley Resort for your never-ending support. Thank you Brian McFadden (don’t worry, Key West was cold). Thank you “Mountie” Doug McVeigh. Thank you Mike Nenno and Steve Crowley for our venue. Thank you Joe Patti and Brian Harrington for helping us find our “place.” Thank you Centerplate Services for helping to make our “lunch” a success again. Thank you John Barry, the New Voice of Holiday Valley!

Thank you LASP volunteers for our program and for everything else you do for others. You are the BEST!

MaryEllen Racich

Director, LASP