Dear Editor:

As the ski season starts to wind down, I thought it would be nice to share another positive story about Ellicottville.  Two weeks ago, we packed our car after a long weekend enjoying the delights of the slopes, the stores, our best on earth massage people Leah and Dan an Anew Beginnings, the restaurants — and I found my wallet with $800 in it, 5 credit cards, 2 bank cards, my Starbucks card and my drivers licence was MISSING.

Nandita and I  called the three places we had visited that Sunday — and no one had it.

By Tuesday morning’s Fedex delivery, I had my wallet back in Oakville — with everything still in it.

A good samaritan named Bob Eliason from Bradford, Pennsylvania was stopping in Ellicottville on his way home for a bite to eat and found my wallet sitting on Monroe Street. He visited several stores to see if they knew me to no avail. He then found Trooper Marc Peters of the State Police and delivered my wallet to him.  Marc found my company name on one of the credit cards, googled me and phoned my office in Oakville first thing on Monday morning.

He was then kind enough to deliver the wallet to Amy DeTine at her real estate office, who Fedexed it to me in Oakville. I was back using my Starbucks card on Tuesday morning!

Thanks to Bob, and Marc, and Amy. Thanks also to Ellicottville friends who make our lives there so easy and seamless, from Ken Hinman, and Dave Williams,  and Katie Howard, and Patti Perks to all the people who work in the restaurants , and bars, and shops, and to the lifties and groomers at the Valley and Holimont. Thanks to the people who put together the special events throughout the winter.  Thanks, Jennie, for making a paper I want to read. Thank you, Ellicottville, for putting your best foot forward to help make your home our home for parts of the year.

Selfishly, my wife Nandita and I hope very few people learn the secret of the delights of Ellicottville throughout the rest of the year.  For the sake of all the people who make a living from providing us with the services and delights you create for us , I hope they do find that secret.

The Wise family thanks you for a wonderful winter.

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