Ken Brown 700 Club Fundraiser March 2

By Mary Fox

Next Saturday, March 2 at Holiday Valley’s Yodeler Pavilion,, the Ken Brown 700 Club once again invites the community  to join them in celebrating life in royal Ken Brown style and help others while doing so. All money raised at this fundraiser will go to local charities and organizations.

Events of the day start with lots of food and beverages for only a $6 donation. You can also look forward to a live auction with Bob McCarthy.

Ken Brown died last February leaving us with hearts overflowing with warm memories of the times we shared with him. He was a true lover of life.

Though a humble man, Ken loved little pranks that left people shaking their heads. He had a wacky sense of humor with little gags that we often believed until we heard his “ha ha ha.”

Ken loved outrageous and brightly colored outfits. He was an avid skier and could be recognized on the hill by his two different colored ski boots, vivid ski clothes and hats.

They called him the “King” because of his many appearances as King of the Winter Carnival. We called him King because he was our leader, mentor, friend and family.

There was no joking around when it came to helping others.  You never heard Ken say a bad word to or about anyone. Ken loved people and would do anything to help them, which included literally giving his coat to a cold homeless person.

In 2001, Ken organized the 700 Club with his ski buddies and budgirls who had reached the venerable age of 70. The first year there were 10 members, hence the 700 Club. Membership has since grown to   over 50 in 2013.

The club’s only purpose is summed up in their motto “Help Us Help Others.” They do this by holding a fundraiser each year with the proceeds going to a variety of local organizations.

Ken’s legacy of loving life and helping others will live on as long as those he touched carry on his example of caring for others.

Join the Ken Brown 700 Club on Saturday, March 2 and help them help others. Outrageous, colorful clothing is not required but will be a tribute Ken would love.

Any individual or organization that would like to donate an item for the auction please call (716) 945-1176.

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