The Bertrand Chaffee Hospital Wellness Team and the Springville Area Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to support the League for Children’s Wellness Run/Walk on Saturday, Aug. 10.  All participants, their families and friends, will have the opportunity to learn more about how to maintain their health and reduce potential health risks during the three-hour Health Fair, from 8–11 a.m. at the North Street League building.

“We are thrilled to be working with the League and the Kiwanis Club to promote a healthier community,” noted Marilyn Werner, community relations coordinator for Bertrand Chaffee hospital. “Our forward-thinking administration and board have made a commitment to the promotion of education and healthy habits.”

The hospital will be screening for Body Mass Index (BMI) among adults, which is a non-invasive way of determining someone’s risk for heart disease, diabetes and possible cancer symptoms. The BMI test is a simple screening, conducted by a registered nurse, who weighs and checks the height of the person. Results are given and education will be provided. Additional health-related agencies and businesses will provide information.

Nurse Manager of Health Promotion and Education Kathy Hebdon will coordinate the BMI testing, along with the Heart Center Nurse Manager Staci Biscaro. Both have extensive training in wellness and work in conjunction with Director of Patient Care Services Darlene Schrantz and Primary Care Manager Amy Brynairski in coordinating the hospital’s wellness activities.

The hospital has recently worked with local county health departments in determining the New York State Health Department’s Community Service Plan for the next three years. All local counties have determined, via surveys, that the prevention of chronic disease is the number one priority to address.

The latest Department of Health surveys point to an elevated risk of chronic disease, due to the high incidence of obesity and an overweight population throughout New York State.

Bertrand Chaffee Hospital has been progressive with this process by training staff in accredited programs in both smoking cessation and diabetes education. Diabetes classes are currently offered at the East Main Street hospital; smoking cessation classes begin in September. Contact the Education department at (716) 592-8115 for additional information.

The hospital is coordinating additional health fairs in Arcade on Sept. 21 and in Ellicottville in the early spring. The goal is to Keep Healthcare Local, and provide local prevention services for the residents throughout the hospital’s service area.