By Jann Wiswall

Rumors have been flying since a story was published last week in another local newspaper about two new businesses opening in Ellicottville. The story claimed Dinosaur BBQ and Harley Davidson were both opening locations here.

Some people are saying the story was an April Fool’s gag. Unfortunately, many other people took it to be factual.

Whatever the genesis of the story, the Ellicottville Times has confirmed that Dinosaur BBQ is NOT opening in Ellicottville, the Burger King location has NOT been leased and Harley Davidson is NOT opening a store at the old Kwik Fill location.

The facts are:

No Dinosaur BBQ

According to Lindsay Amorese, vice president of operations services at Dinosaur BBQ, there are no plans to open a restaurant in the Burger King location or any other location in Ellicottville. She said she has received calls from several other newspapers asking about the rumor.

Burger King Location 

Not Leased

Robert Nucharino, the realtor representing the Burger King location for Arista Real Estate Services, said “We’ve had calls from three or four restaurant chains and a bank,” and, in fact, someone with Dinosaur BBQ made an early inquiry. However, “suggestions that a lease has been signed by anyone are false.” The property is still available.

No Harley Shop

Gowanda Harley-Davidson’s Marketing Director, Delaney Peters, told the Ellicottville Times that the company had tossed around the idea of having a short-term storefront at one time, however, corporate headquarters would “not allow us to do so.”