By Caitlin Croft

The July meeting of the Town Board opened with a Public Hearing regarding Local Law No. 3 – 2018. This is a Local Law override the tax levy limit for fiscal year 2019. There were no members of the public in attendance to comment. The PH was left open for anyone who may stop by during the meeting. Next, there was a motion to approve the minutes of June 2018 meeting; there was a second and ayes carried.

There was a motion to pay the Town bills on distribution report #07-2018; a second and ayes carried.

Supervisor’s Report: Regarding the Intermunicipal Water Contracts, there have been slight revisions by the Town/Village Engineer, Niles Pierson. This consists of combining the purchase and maintenance agreements into one contract. The Town will purchase 7.5 million gallons from the Village for $25,000.00. Pierson advised that if we were to instantly merge, the rates could confuse people and he wants to ensure a smooth transition. The goal is for a complete merger by July 2020.

Town Supervisor Matthew McAndrew advised that he attended a Data Management Webinar. This would manage the data for the new GIS System for the Town/Village. This GIS System will track all of the assets for the stormwater management system, sewer, water and more. This will be useful in budgeting a future maintenance of our systems. Currently, Allegany County uses this program, along with a handful of other municipalities in New York State. Pierson will reach out to them for their opinion.

Pierson advised that he plans to start with Sewer and Water assets, but can eventually enter Highway Department information with vehicles, equipment and buildings which will aid in better data driven decisions. There was an update on the status of the Downtown Revitalization Initiative; McAndrew advised that we should know by the end of the month. The Consolidated Funding Application Grant is being put together now and Town/Village Planner Gary Palumbo is working on a budget for the project. This is a 75/25 grant which means that 75 percent of the projects would be paid for by the grant and the remaining 25 percent would be paid for by the Town and Village. This is a joint grant the Town and Village is working on together to get. It is due on July 27. Last in this report, there was a motion to accept; a second and ayes carried.

There was a motion to accept the Clerk’s, Justices’, Building Inspector’s, Planners and Police Reports; there was a second and ayes carried.

Police Report: Officer Don Auge advised that everything is going great and the new hire continues to impress him and is doing a good job. The Explorer vehicle has been repaired and is back on the road. The Tahoe vehicle went in for recall work and should be back on the road quickly. Next, Officer Auge advised he had been contacted regarding a sale on solar powered speed monitors. These are the signs that alert drivers as to their speed. The TB has looked into these before and asked if is possible to get portable ones. They noted this could aid in slowing down traffic on the Jefferson corridor of Route 219 to which members of the community complained last week that drivers were making too much noise. This is due to the condition of the road and the numerous pot holes. Officer Auge is going to investigate further.

Engineering Report: Pierson is working on a Safety and Health Manual for the Department. There are renovations going on in the Public Works Building. This includes new floors, paint, ceiling tiles, lockers, a smart TV, conference table and new electrical circuits for the future servers that will provide the file sharing for the town and village. The bid for the work came in at $28,500.00 from JC Construction, a Minority and Woman-Owned Business Enterprise, which helps the Town/Village meet certain parameters of how the Engineering Grant monies must be spent. There was a motion to accept the bid; a second and ayes carried.

Next, Pierson spoke more about the data hosting company for the GIS system. It would cost $9,200.00 for the first year, which covers the initial GIS licensing and data hosting. Also included training for the GPS/GIS handheld transmitter. After the first year, it would be $4,000.00 per year for data hosting and licensing. McAndrew asked if we would own the data should we ever choose to use another company, Pierson advised we would own the data. Last, the Department of Health flagged the water system for automatic chlorine shut off valves. This is the second time it has come up. Also the pressure reducing valves need to be replaced and Pierson should have a quote soon.

Highway Department: Tom Scharf advised Crane & Dooley are getting paved and they need to get the drainage plan for Holiday Valley Road done. The department installed two driveway culverts and will be patching Irish Hill and Jackman at the end of this month. Also, Scharf has heard that the State may potentially redo Route 219 out to Holiday Valley Road.

New Business: There was a motion to appoint John Burrell as Marriage Officer for a four year term; there was a second and ayes carried. There was a motion to accept the resolution to divide the Engineering Grant money with the Village; there was a second and ayes carried. There was a motion to add Pierson to the Retirement Resolution; a second and ayes carried. There was a motion to close the Public Hearing on Local Law #3 – 2018; a second and ayes carried. There was a motion to accept Local Law #3 – 2018; there was a second and ayes carried. It was noted that there is no intent to raise the tax cap but if it is needed the capability is there now.

Old Business: Regarding the Ellicottville-Great Valley Trail, the committee is now looking into village routes. These would go along the Arboretum, creek on Elizabeth and the Village/Town Park. Kody Sprague would like to have part of the trail on his property and is willing to donate toward the project.

There was a motion to close the meeting; a second and ayes carried. The next meeting of the Town Board will be Aug. 15 at 6 p.m. at the Town/Village Hall.