Ellicottville’s Jazz & Blues Weekend returns July 28-30. If you’re looking for live music with roots in New Orleans, Memphis and Chicago, the local hot spots will be filled to the brim with it all weekend long. The Gin Mill will feature John Frinzi and John Patti, as well as the Blue Light Blues Band. Head to Balloons to check out Maria Aurigema and BD Lenz.

Villaggio will feature Patti Parks and the Sizzlin’ Heat and Growlers Light Blues Band.

Madigan’s will host Michael DiSanto and QPhunk.

Guests can also head to the Winery of Ellicottville Mainstage on Monroe Street to see The Mick Hayes Band and The Mark Mazur Little Band.

Stay tuned to www.ellicottvilleny.com and the Ellicottville Times as more info becomes available.