Megan Hartsell

Student Reporter

As summer comes to an end, Ellicottville students are reminiscing on an even more so enjoyable summer than in years passed, as well as looking ahead to a fresh start, one year closer to graduation. 

Now seniors, many of the class of 2020 spent their precious free time exploring colleges and analyzing different occupations. 

Simon Lin spent a week at Stevens Institute of Technology researching and learning about what to look for in a school.

“It was a good experience to see what college is like,” Simon said. “I met a lot of people from around the country and got to talk to students about their college experience. I also explored different engineering careers and their purpose.”

Sammi Van Wicklin, also a rising senior, spent her summer interning at Roswell Park Cancer Institute. 

“I studied head and neck tumors being treated with radiation medicine and the pain toleration with overdosed parotids glands,” she said. “My favorite part was meeting people from different schools, as well as the amazing mentors at Roswell.” 

With more knowledge and experience under her belt, Sammi is eager for the year to come. 

Some students ventured on once-in-a-lifetime vacations, soaking up rays of sunshine and learning more about various cultures. 

Madisyn Kilby spent a week touring through several Mediterranean countries aboard a cruise. Certainly a highlight of her trip, Madisyn exclaimed that she climbed the Acropolis to the Parthenon, a hike unlike any she’s taken before.

“The food was very different than American cuisine,” she recalled. “I ate so much gelato!” 

The Rounds family enjoyed the last part of the summer on a cruise to Alaska. 

“We stopped in port cities like Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway,” said Gracie Rounds. “Coming so close to America’s last frontier gave me an incredible desire to continue to explore and travel places where many have not yet explored.”

Teachers, like their student counterparts, also had a productive vacation. Cathie Nason, ECS’s Business teacher, spent her summer preparing her children and animals for the Wyoming County Fair. 

“It was very time consuming getting animals ready and show clothes and supplies together,” Nason said. “My kids received several blue ribbons for their crafts and Gladiolus flowers. My daughter came in 2nd in her age group for showmanship with her heifers. Watching my kids show makes all the time worthwhile. It is great to spend so much time with my own children.” 

With the closure of summer comes the best time of year for some — fall sports season!

On Aug. 19, ECS football, volleyball, soccer, cross country and swim teams convened for their first week of practices, known to athletes as “Hell Week.”

As the first season without beloved Coach Neilon commenced, the Girls Varsity Soccer team quickly adjusted to the coaching styles of coaches Tammy Eddy and Katie Taylor. 

Elsa Woodarek, a sophomore on the team, foresees that since most of the team has played together for the better part of their lives, this season will be one for the books. 

“We have a lot of skilled girls that work really well together, so I think we have the potential to be amazing this year!” she exclaimed.

Although students are feeling mixed emotions about returning to school, many are eager to reunite with friends and classmates, for dances, sports games and more. 

However, re-adopting the school-year sleep schedule and managing piles of homework and responsibilities sounds less than appealing to most all of us kids. 

As Sept. 4 approaches, students and teachers alike have become aware that summer is truly over. It is time to gear up for another outstanding year at ECS!