If you’re a kid, you have just experienced your first day of kindergarten, your first day of middle school or high school or your first day at ECS as a new student. Or, perhaps, you’ve made your first new best friend of the year or joined your first team or school activity.

If you’re a parent, you remember these moments; they were usually mixed with excitement and maybe some anxiety. And there’s still a little of both as you watch your children grow and learn and deal with the unexpected and do important things under someone else’s eye.

As ECS’s official weekly newspaper, the Ellicottville Times is committed to keeping you up-to-date on school activities, sports, events, advisories, notices and news every week.

Turn to page 4 for all things ECS. Here you’ll find some regular features, such as a calendar of activities and a sports roundup by contributor Todd Palmatier, who serves as vice president of the Ellicottville Sports Boosters. You’ll also find a story about what the Boosters do for the school and how you can get involved, as well as a list of school-sponsored health screenings that will be administered this year, provided by school nurse Kimberly Watt.

The paper also regularly covers the school’s board of education meetings to keep you informed about administrative actions that impact you and your children.

We hope you’ll turn to the Ellicottville Times every week as your source of information about your school. We welcome suggestions about what additional kinds of information you’d like to see. Please email us at info@ellicottvilletimes.com.