By Louisa Benatovich

Student Reporter

The final year of high school, about 7 months old, slowly passed away the day spring break ended, the 29th of April.

Yes, graduation, the true end, is still two months away, but a giant cloud of finality is growing darker and darker. Senior year, in all its excitement and lack of work, died the moment the final stretch began.

Now, instead of reveling in a year of new possibilities and tangible futures, Ellicottville Central School seniors mourn the loss of high school’s familiar repetitiveness. They are now faced with the stark reality of their last physics lesson, last baseball game and the last time they will smell that Ellicottville smell.

Merely knowing that the end is coming is enough to feel that high school is over. 

The concept of high school, born the day one graduates from 8th grade, is exciting and terrifying. Four years ago, around 42 newly-minted ninth-graders entered the high school wing’s comforting expanse, loud and eager.

Through trial and error, heartache and happiness, Ellicottville’s Class of 2019 stumbled their way into adulthood. Through its lifetime, high school saw the best and worst of human existence. It saw tears and laughter, stress and apathy.

It saw the rainbow of adolescence, existing only as a blank parchment for stories to be written on. Senior year, full of promise, ushered in as many firsts as it did lasts. It is the freshest, most poignant memory that high school has to offer. 

Senior year, a many-headed beast, lived a full and successful life. It did all that it was meant to do, nothing more or less. It is survived by an expectant bunch of juniors, just as excited as their predecessors.  

A memorial service will be held for senior year on June 28 at Ellicottville Central School. Hopefully then, will it be peacefully laid to rest, so that its progeny, the Class of 2019, can go forth and live.