Course Volunteers Needed 

by Jennie Acklin

The International Bowhunting Organization (IBO) celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, and will do so Aug. 7–10 at Holiday Valley.

The IBO was formed in 1984 to bring shooters together for a common purpose — to promote, encourage and foster the sport of bowhunting.

According to Bryan Marcum, IBO president, “The nonprofit organization holds 3-D tournaments every year to bring shooters together for a common cause, to create camaraderie and to foster a good level of competition for like-minded people.”

According to Ron Kubicki, who heads up the Holiday Valley course crew, “Shooters will be arriving early in the week, and will be able to shoot on the defensive range starting Monday, Aug. 4. The defensive range used to be out at the tubing park, and all coordinators agreed that it would be a better event to have everything together, so we moved the practice ranges to Holiday Valley this year. There will be four ranges of 10 targets each around Spruce Lake and Mutton Hollow Road, open Monday, Aug. 4 through Saturday, Aug. 9.”

The Holiday Valley crew has spent hundreds of hours since April preparing for the IBO’s return.

“Three new courses of 20 targets each had to be relocated from HoliMont, due to construction and development of WestMont Ridge. And due to the growth at Sky High, one new course of another 20 targets had to be relocated”, said Kubicki.

The crew works closely with Gene Bihler, an IBO event coordinator, and Bob Koontz of the IBO, on course design, layout, location and numerous other details.

“New Rinehart targets have been arriving for a few weeks now, and some of the new targets include a caribou, a wolverine, and a coyote. Targets are approximately three-quarter size, 3-D replications of animals found in the wild including mule deer, white tail deer, elk, grizzly and cinnamon bears, various mountain goats and mountain sheep, alligators, razorback hogs, cougars, black panthers, leopards and turkeys.

“Our job is to place them in their most natural environment and in challenging terrain according to the required distances for each class,” Kubicki explained.

During IBO events, spectators can visit the vendor tradeshow based at Yodeler lodge every day. The Championship shoot on Sunday can also be watched by the public.

Volunteers Needed

Anyone interested in helping out at the volunteer tents, where competitors register, get start times and check scores, is encouraged to contact Donna Hallick at Holiday Valley. Call (716) 699-2345, ext. 4401, for more information. Volunteers are needed each day of the event.