IBO-World-2013-(46)by Eva Potter

Bowhunters will be excited to learn that the IBO World Championship is coming back to Ellicottville in 2014 and 2015 — and with a few improvements.

In a personal interview with the Ellicottville Times, Bryan Marcum, IBO president, said the World Championship will be back at Holiday Valley Aug. 7–10, 2014, and Aug. 13–16, 2015.

Last weekend’s World Championship at Seven Springs drew over 1,400 shooters from 7 countries, including South Africa and Australia, and Ellicottville can look forward to a similar turnout to mark IBO’s 30th anniversary next year.

Marcum said, “We’ve seen tremendous (membership) growth over the last 30 years … between 6,000–8,000 members at any given time.”

What is IBO?

“The IBO was formed back in 1984,” explained Marcum. “Next year will be our 30th year anniversary of our organization. IBO was formed to bring shooters together for a common purpose and that is to promote, encourage and foster the sport of bowhunting.”

He said the nonprofit organization holds 3-D tournaments every year to bring shooters together for a common cause, to create camaraderie and to foster a good level of competition for like-minded people.

During IBO events, bowhunters shoot at three-dimensional, lifelike targets that look like animals. This year, IBO held six main events.

“We held a Winter National, a Spring National and then we had a Triple Crown. Our Triple Crown event is our National Championship,” said Marcum, listing Bedford, Ind.; Erie, Pa.; and Marengo, Ohio, as locations.

“Those six events are considered our Shooter of the Year events. You have to shoot five of the six tournaments to be considered a Shooter of the Year. The World Championship must be shot to qualify for Shooter of the Year,” Marcum said. “In the past, it didn’t have to be. You could just choose any five tournaments you would like, but they are required to count their score at our World Championship to be considered Shooter of the Year.”

The IBO changes venues every few years to keep things interesting and exciting for participants. Next year, the World Championship will rotate back to Ellicottville after a two-year absence.

According to Marcum, it makes sense to come back to Holiday Valley where trails are still available and the event location doesn’t require major labor to ready the grounds for the event.

“We work with the Holiday Valley mountain crew to determine where the courses will be set,” Marcum explained. “They get the animals in place and we set the competition course according to the distances for each class.”

What can participants expect at next year’s event at Holiday Valley?

He said, “Something different than in the past — our Bowhunter Defense ranges were off-site at the tubing park (in 2011). Next year, they will be moved on-site so everyone will be at Holiday Valley and they don’t have to go off-site to practice.”

There will also be a couple different range locations than in the past, but the tournament remains more or less the same year after year.

“We have approximately 16, 20-target, competitive ranges, and we also have the Championship ranges that we set up, and we have our Bowhunter Defense ranges,” Marcum said.

During the World Championship, IBO also runs a Trophy Round, which draws a lot of local participants and focuses more on the shooter who may not have qualified for the World Championship. This allows those shooters to enjoy the weekend and still participate in the Trophy Round.

“The Holiday Valley crew are great guys to work with and we’re excited to go back to Holiday Valley,” said Marcum. “It’s a beautiful venue, especially with Ellicottville and all the neat little stores and restaurants there. It’s very popular with our shooters.”