Last weekend’s pond skimming and box races at Holiday Valley proved once and for all that the resort attracts some of the most fearless, creative and a-little-bit-nutty competitors around. And with more snow than normal for this time of year, there was a record turnout for these wacky annual events.

For the pond skimming races, skiers must build up enough speed coming down the slope to skim across an ice-cold, water-filled pond. The idea is to get over, not into, the water. The winners in four categories included:

Best Kid:

Andrew Sherwood,

Burlington, ON;

Best Costume:

Jesse Howk, lift operator at

Holiday Valley;

Best Skimmer:

Alex Teresko,

Wadsworth, OH;

Best Splash: Shane Reid,

Bradford, PA.

Box Racers bring elaborately decorated boxes and navigate them through a snowy “course” to the finish line.

This year’s winners were the Kilby family from Ellicottville with their “Banana Split” entry, and the Aldrich family, also from Ellicottville, with their creation, “The Tank.” 

Congratulations to all entrants for your continued ability to amaze!

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