Holiday Valley Realty and Rental Properties will be moving to its new space in the former Burger King building on April 1.

Win-Sum Ski Corp. (parent company of Holiday Valley) purchased the building at the corner of Holiday Valley Rd and Rt. 219 last fall. Since then, the building has had some exterior renovations, including a 20-foot addition and some new architectural features.  The former BK drive-through window will be put to good use by the rental management group; property renters will be able to pull in and pick up their keys without even leaving their cars!

Also outside, two stone pillars were erected to anchor the exterior sign from the old HV Rental and Realty location down the road. Signs also will be placed on the face of the building.

Extensive interior renovations are nearing completion. According to Holiday Valley’s Marketing Director Jane Eshbaugh, there will be 16 offices for HV Realty agents, Rental Management agents and managers, as well as comfortable reception areas for guests.

The location is “close to the resort, has plenty of parking for renters and realty customers and there’s easy access,” Eshbaugh said.

She added that there will be an “After Hours Event” for Ellicottville Chamber of Commerce members and others in May to introduce the community to the new location.