Four HV Athletes Advance from Eastern to Can-Ams

Four Holiday Valley athletes will represent the United States vs. Canada at the U14 (Candice Kasahara and Paige Duffy) and U16 (Bella Wylie and Anya Elizondo) Can-Am Championships. The athletes will join a team of 30 of the top age group athletes from the Rocky/Central and Eastern Divisions of USSA to race the top Canadian athletes from Ontario and Quebec. The U14 Can-Am Championships will be held March 26- 29 at Mont Tremblant, QC, and the U16 Can-Am Championships were held March 24-26 at Stowe Mountain, VT.  Results of those races will be reported as soon as they are available.

Northwind Super-G Results

The annual Northwind Super-G was held on March 22, with the following results:

Men’s Overall, Top Five:  Tommy Scheeler,1st; John Galvino, 2nd; Ben Finicle, 3rd; Nick Nenno, 4th; and Aiden Elizondo, 5th.

Women’s Overall, Top Five:  Anya Elizondo, 1st; Paige Duffy, 2nd; Katlyn Croft, 3rd; Candice Kasahara, 4th; and Gae Orsini, 5th.

U10 Girls:  Leah Smillie, 1st; Lexi Smillie, 2nd; Charlotte Harter, 3rd;  Zoe Philp, 4th; Deaudin Napolitano, 5th; and Molly DeRose- 6th.

U10 Boys:  Carson Corey, 1st; Owen Griffith, 2nd; and Erik Shattenberg, 3rd.

U12 Girls:  Caroline DeRose, 1st and Alison Martin, 2nd.

U12 Boys:  Laz Rifkin, 1st; Alex Wojnowski, 2nd; Mitchell Azcarate, 3rd; John Smillie, 4th; Henry Dunn, 5th; and Luka Wylie, 6th.

U14 Girls:  Paige Duffy, 1st; Candice Kasahara, 2nd; Lauren Thomas, 3rd; Hayly Fredrickson, 4th; Katy Wohnowski, 5th; Phoebe Dunn, 6th; Logan Fredrickson, 7th; and Cassidy Creager, 8th.

U14 Boys:  Alec Nolan, 1st; Jes Sauereisen, 2nd; Orry Shattenberg, 3rd; and Joe Toth, 4th.

U16 Women:  Anya Elizondo, 1st; Devynn Martin, 2nd; McKenzie Galvin, 3rd; Bailey Creager, 4th; and Haley Barden, 5th.

U16 Men:  Michael Mercer, 1st; Sean Nolan, 2nd.

Women 16-45:  Helen Wylie, 1st.

Men 16-34:  Ben Finicle, 2nd; Aiden Elizondo, 3rd.

Coaches:  John Galvino, 1st; Nick Nenno, 2nd; Miguel Azcarate, 3rd; Kelly Fredrickson, 5th; Katlyn Croft, 6th; Conner Kell, 7th; Steve Potter, 8th; Brad Carbaugh, 9th; Claire Schen, 10th.

Men 35-49:  Jim Martin, 4th; Dan Rifkin, 7th.

Men 50 and Over:  Tom Briselden- 5th and Eric Sauereisen- 8th.

Men 70 and Over:  John Ferracuti- 1st

Family Challenges:  Galvinos, John over McKenzie; Elizondos, Aiden over Anya; Azcarates, Miguel over Mitchell; Martins, Jim over Devynn over Allie; Fredricksons, Kelly over Hayly over Logan; Nolans, Sean over Alec; Wylies, Helen over Luka;  Smillies, Leah over John over Lexi;  Sauereisens, Eric over Jes; Rifkins, Dan over Laz (2/10ths); Wojnowskis, Katy over Alex; Dunns, Phoebe over Henry; DeRoses, Caroline over Molly; Shattenbergs, Orry over Erik.

U10-U14 Team Advances Ten Athletes To The Post Season

Following a great weekend of U10-U14 racing at both the Kandahar Champs at West Mountain and the U14 State Championships at Gore Mountain, 10 Holiday Valley athletes qualified to advance.

Kandahar Champs determined the qualifiers to the Piche Invitational Championships at Gunstock Mountain Resort, NH, and the U14 States qualifiers to the USSA U14 Eastern Championships at Stowe Mountain, VT and the U14 NY & VT Dual GS and Speed Project at Stratton Mountain, VT.

Piche Invitational:  Caroline DeRose, Phoebe Dunn, Hayly Fredrickson (Alt.), Alex Wojnowski, Laz Rifkin and Jes Saureisen.

U14 Eastern Championships:  Candice Kasahara, Katy Wojnowski and Paige Duffy.

U14 NY & VT Project:  Reichen Morrisey