bchamp-brooke-b-spreadBy Stan Pawlik

It was another great weekend of competitions for the Holiday Valley Freestyle Team. HoliMont hosted a double aerial event on Saturday, Feb. 22, that was full of excitement.

Nick Hess and Jordana Parliament from our freeride team took their first-ever jumps on an air site and had great days. The morning event was highlighted by an overall victory by Jenna Bennett. This was her first career overall victory. She had two great jumps in the morning doing a spread eagle for her first jump and a double spread eagle on her second jump. Both were big and she came away with the win for the event as well as in the F4 division.

The HV girls had great results in their age groups with age group wins coming from Hayley Saunders (F2 both events), Jordana Parliament (F5 morning event), Brooke Butler (F6 both events), and Lauryn Socha (F5 afternoon event). Summer Celani (F6 both events) and Jordana both brought home silver medals, while Lauryn and Morghan Socha took home bronze medals.

The boys were not to be outdone either, with Bennett Socha (M6) leading the way with gold medals in both events. Also earning medals were Bryce Butler (M4 – silver) and Sam Capizzi (M3 – bronze). The boys had great overall results with Bryce, Sam and Quinn Rifkin finishing 4th, 5th and 6th overall in the morning, but unfortunately crashing in the afternoon. Kaleb Kilby continued to show improvement with four solid jumps for the day.

The mogul event had some difficult conditions on a very icy course. The weather changed conditions considerably since training on Friday. The ice made it very hard to land the top air and ski out clean into the moguls. Even with the difficult conditions, HV had a great day with several team members bringing home some hardware.

Thirty-five team members competed in the mogul event, which saw Liz Jacobson-Coolidge and Haley Saunders lead the way for the girls with top 10 finishes. Liz was 6th while Haley was 10th. This gave them both 2nd place in their age group — Liz in the F3 and Haley F2 divisions. For the boys, top 10 results came from Bryce Butler (3rd), Quinn Rifkin (5th) and Mike McGuire (9th). In their age groups, Bryce was 2nd (M4), Quinn 3rd (M3) and Mike 4th (M4). Also bringing home medals in their age groups were Matt LaRusch with the gold in the M6 division, followed by Bennett Socha with the silver.