By Stan Pawlik

It was a busy weekend for the Holiday Valley Freestyle Team (HVFT). The Freestyle Extravaganza was held at Holiday Valley. This was a two day, Eastern Qualifying Series event that featured a mogul event on Saturday and two slopestyle events on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the “A” team traveled to Stratton Mountain for an Eastern Championship Series which had a mogul event on Saturday and a dual mogul event on Sunday.

Saturdays mogul event at HV had 88 competitors competing on the Chute. HVFT had two team members take 2nd overall for both the boys and girls. Bella Bacon and Sammy Edwards both took the silver medal for the event. Also, finishing in the top 10 overall were Brooke Butler (6th), Sydney Saunders (7th), and Summer Celani (8th). For the boys, William Hamilton had his best result finishing in 4th place.

In the first slopestyle event on Sunday, Brooke Butler led the way with a 5th place finish followed by Sydney Saunders (7th) and Bella Bacon (8th). For the boys, Corgan Garrison took 3rd overall with Sammy Edwards (7th) and Caleb Darnley (9th). In the second slopestyle event, Bella was the overall winner for the girls with Brooke again taking 5th, Sydney 7th and Zoe Schaab in 10th. For the boys, Caleb Darnley had a 3rd place result followed by Keegan Hannon in 4th, Kaleb Kilby 5th and Sammy Edwards in 9th.

HVFT had several top three results throughout the age groups. In the mogul event, gold medals were won by Bella Bacon (F13), William Hamilton (M13) and Caleb Darnley (M17). Winning silver medals were Chris Edwards (M9), Sammy Edwards (M13) and Keegan Hannon (M17). Third place bronze medals were won by Brooke Butler (F13) and Sydney Saunders (F15).

In the first slopestyle event, 1st place results came from Sarah Barnum (F11) and Ronan Donnelly (M11). Silver medals were won by Brooke Butler (F13), Chris Edwards (M9), Bennett Socha (M11), and Corgan Garrison (M17). Bronze medals were won by Sydney Saunders (F15) and Sammy Edwards (M13).

In the second slopestyle event, gold was won by Sarah Barnum (F11), Bella Bacon (F13), Ronan Donnelly (M11) and Kaleb Kilby (M13). Silver was won by Brooke Butler (F13), Chris Edwards (M9) and Caleb Darnley (M17). Bronze was won by Sydney Saunders (F15), Ben Edwards (M11) and Keegan Hannon (M17).

In the event at Stratton, HVFT sent seven team members. In the single mogul event, Lauryn Socha led the way with a 13th place result, followed by Kaitlyn McGuire in 14th and Morghan Socha in 15th. In the dual event, Lauryn, Morghan and Kaitlyn all won their first dual but were eliminated in the second round. Also, winning their first-round duals were Bryce Butler and Mike McGuire. Both were eliminated in the second round.