It’s a good idea for all of us to start the season off with a review of safe skiing and riding practices. The Holiday Valley Safety Patrol has created a wide variety of games, events and contests to get guests in the safety mode for National Safety Awareness Month 2017.

Ever hear of Cash Cab? How about Cash Chair? During the week of January 21 don’t be alarmed if a Safety Patroller (Yellow Jacket) hops on the chair with you and starts quizzing you on safety on the slopes. If you correctly answer the series of questions you’ll be rewarded with a Holiday Valley gift card!

Speaking of chairlifts, come check out the new “practice chair” on the plaza deck next to the Main Lodge starting January 14. The Safety Patrol will be giving new skiers and snowboarders tips on safe chairlift riding practices. Most of us who have skied for years take chairlifts for granted but to a newbie, a chairlift can be a daunting challenge! They’ll cover preparing to load, loading the lift, riding the lift, preparing to unload and unloading.

The ever popular “Spin to Win” game will take place near the Clocktower on the last two weekends of January. Answer the safety questions correctly and win a prize! Hint: brush up on

Your Responsibility Code and SMART Style available on the Holiday Valley website at

And if you are caught on the slopes in the act of doing something GOOD related to safety, you might just get rewarded with a free slice of pizza and a drink! This activity is scheduled for the last two weekends of January, but hey, why not exhibit safe skiing/riding practices all year long with the reward of good karma?

Have you ever enjoyed a delicious grilled hot dog or sausage at the top of Mardi Gras at the weekend Safety Patrol Cookouts? It is definitely the best deal in town. They’ll be asking a few patrons each weekend to answer questions about Your Responsibility Code and SMART style.

Correct answers will win a free hot dog or sausage and a drink at the cookout or pizza and a drink at the Lodge.

So brush up on your knowledge about safety on the slopes, and remember to always ski and ride safety…all season long!