By Abby Sonnenberg

ECS Student Reporter

Did you just get asked to your school’s prom, but have no idea where to even start? Worry not! This fun guide will give you some fun tips to make sure your prom night is one you’ll never forget!

Preparation for prom, a crucial stage in the process, isn’t exactly something that can be skipped. If you’re going to a friend’s house to get ready, make sure you bring everything you’ll need! Do you have your outfit (and maybe makeup), shoes, boutonniere or corsage, ticket, and anything else you think might be important? Great! Now you can go and get ready.

Though it seems like a lot of work at first, many will agree that prom night would be as good a time as any to look your best. “It’s important because everyone sees you at your worst during school,” says Elissa Cole, a prom attendee. “So when the time comes for them to see you at your best, you really have to give it your all!”

Prom night is the one night you can be as narcissistic as you want without being (harshly) judged for it, so don’t be afraid to go for it!

And once you’ve gotten ready, it’s time for pictures! You can get pictures with small groups of friends, and you can go to get pictures at the gazebo – that’s where almost everyone who attended ECS’s prom last weekend met up for huge group pictures this year. It might sound intimidating at first, but it’s fun to go and see your friends before heading over to the dance. But if you don’t want to go to the gazebo, don’t worry; there are still lots of opportunities for pictures at the actual prom!

Now that all the preparation is over with, it’s time to go to the dance. Often before the dancing starts, there’s a chance for everyone to get some food and dessert. This year, there were chicken fingers and mac and cheese – it brought out everyone’s inner child before the dance. One prom-goer, Kirklind Kaleta, brought up a good point: “Any party can be a good party, but the best parties have an ice cream bar.” It was then established that this was one of the best parties, as the dessert came in the form of an ice cream bar. Once you’ve gotten your fill, it’s time to go out and dance!

The DJ probably already has some great tracks lined up, but don’t be afraid to go up and request a song. If the crowd can dance to it, it’s almost guaranteed to be a hit! If you don’t feel like dancing, don’t worry; there’s still lots of other things you can do. In the back corner, there may be a photo booth that offers silly props for you to use when you pose with your friends or your date, and they even print them out into small strips.

Once the dancing stops, there’s a chance the party might not. After-parties are a common occurrence among the people who think 11 is too early to stop the party, but after that, prom is officially over. Congratulations, you successfully made it all the way through prom night!

However, we can’t forget all the effort that was put in by the people who coordinated this event. “It’s a lot of work setting up with everything that has to get done, like with picking a venue, theme, and decorating, but with everyone on the prom committee to help, it went smoothly,” said Ande Wilson, a member of the prom planning committee.

“I felt that the ECS Prom 2018 was very well received,” said Crystal Wilder, the 2018 class advisor. “We had 87 students attend this year; they seemed to enjoy themselves all evening while they danced, took pictures, ate and talked. Our prom committee did an amazing job planning for this wonderful evening.” For all the work that went into coordinating one night, the recognition for those who coordinated the event is well-deserved. The final step in having an amazing prom is to find someone who helped put it all together and thank them for their hard work!