HRlogocolor[1]Horse Resource met this past week to elect officers and discuss the future of their organization and how they will continue to assist horses and their owners in 2014.

Annie Widger will continue in her role as chairman and Ruthie Riehle has accepted a joint role as secretary/treasurer.

Horse Resource was founded in 2007, when the last slaughterhouse for horses was closed in the U.S. The result of these closures, coupled with the failing economy, resulted in a glut of unwanted horses in the market.

Low sale prices and high hay and grain prices actually caused some individuals to “liberate” their horses, to simply open the pasture gates and let them go free. Many other horses also suffered from lack of care while still in the custody of their owners.

It is Horse Resource’s mission to “Help People and Horses in Need.” The objective is to assist those horse owners in need BEFORE care becomes compromised or nonexistent.  It is tragic when these powerful animals fall victim to their owners’ actions.

In 2012, Horse Resource joined the Cattaraugus Community Foundation. Under this umbrella, the organization is able to function as a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.  Thanks to this partnership, they are capable of issuing grants to assist these horses.  Additionally we they accept donations electronically at

For more information on how you can help, visit or call Annie (716) 378-9419.