By Alicia Dziak

Thirteen-year-old Lexi Crotty, an eighth grader at Hamburg Middle School, who competes on HoliMont’s FLITE team, has a lot to celebrate these days. Not only did she place first in her age group for overall combined (Moguls-Aerials-Slopestyle) female in the Eastern Division recently, but she has also been selected as a Spotlight Athlete for Prissy Tomboy Athletics.

“Prissy Tomboy Athletics is a lifestyle brand with the mission of promoting athleticism and a place for young girls to feel empowered, recognized, and supported through sports,” said Tracey Pearson, Founder of Prissy Tomboy Athletics. “We want to bring a new dynamic to the world of girls’ athletics, and help young girls find their passion for sport and adventure.”

In turn, Prissy Tomboy offers a range of fashion forward athletic wear, playful accessories and beauty products geared towards the active girl, and also partners with athletic professionals to introduce a new sport in a non-competitive, non-intimidating environment. These clinics and programs are exclusively for pre-teen to teen girls.

“Our mission as a brand is to send the message to teen girls that being athletic and competitive should not make them feel intimidated or less girly,” explained Pearson. “We believe that athleticism promotes health, motivation, confidence, and above all camaraderie. The role of ‘spotlight athletes’ is to give recognition and share the accomplishments of young female athletes. We believe that our spotlight athletes, like Lexi, establish new, healthy role models for other girls to aspire to.”

“I learned about Prissy Tomboy from my cousin in Atlanta who is friends with Tracey Pearson, the originator of Prissy Tomboy,” explained Sean Crotty, Lexi’s father and manager of the FLITE team. “We connected through Facebook, exchanged information on her initiative, and we shared Lexi’s athlete profile.”

Soon afterwards, Lexi was selected as one of Prissy Tomboy’s spotlight athletes.

“Lexi was chosen as our spotlight athlete because she embodies everything there is about a Prissy Tomboy. She is a young female athlete who loves to compete and try different sports, and isn’t afraid to be a tomboy,” Pearson said. “We really wanted to find that girl that had that passion and love for a sport, and when we interviewed her, we were really struck by her confidence and absolute love for skiing. We really feel that she can serve as a role model and inspiration to other girls who believe that being athletic and healthy is important.”

“I felt honored and all my hard work is beginning to pay off,” Lexi said of her selection, also citing that she believes being a competitive female skier, and being active and sporty were key in being chosen.

“I think it is a great honor for her to be selected as a Spotlight Athlete for Prissy Tomboy,” Sean added. “There is no shame in being a teen female who is athletic and interested in activities which push the envelope of traditional thinking. Middle school is tough for kids, especially females, and to be recognized positively for being athletic, and not shunned because she is not hanging out at the mall or gossiping on her phone all day, is a good thing. Lexi enjoys working hard, and playing hard.”

Not only does Lexi ski, but also she is involved in other sports including softball, soccer, track and snowboarding. Lexi thinks it’s important for girls to be involved in sports so they can become fit, be healthy, make new friends, and have fun.

“(Being involved in sports) has showed me to work hard at what I love and never give up,” Lexi said. “It’s also taught me how much fun it is to exercise and be healthy.”

When asked what advice she would give to other young female athletes succeeding in their chosen sport, Lexi offers these words of wisdom: “Keep trying because if you give up you will never know what you are capable of.”

In this day and age, it’s easy for tween and teen girls to become sidetracked by many things, and give in to the pressure to be like everyone else. It’s refreshing to see someone like Lexi come along and show the world it’s ok to be different, do what you love and be yourself. These qualities clearly do not go unnoticed, and Lexi exudes the confidence that makes her such a positive role model for young girls all over Western New York and beyond.

Find more information about Prissy Tomboy and view Lexi’s Spotlight Athlete profile at www.prissytomboy.com or find them on Facebook (www.facebook.com/PrissyTomboyAthletics).