HoliMont Ski Patrollers Save Life with AED

By Jeff Martin

On Dec. 28, 2012, ski patrollers at HoliMont had little to no reason to believe that their life saving skills would be put to the test.

After all, there was little snow on the ground at the popular resort and the day had started routinely.

Then at 9:20 a.m., they got a call: A woman in her home had gone into cardiac arrest.

After failed attempts to reach 9-1-1, her son reacted with some quick thinking and contacted the HoliMont Ski Patrol located at the bottom of Cascade ski lift. They in turn contacted HoliMont patrollers, who were only three to four houses away from the patrol building.

Justin Latimer, safety manager at HoliMont, said it was an unexpected event – especially considering that the slopes and surrounding areas were relatively empty. The woman, a longtime member of HoliMont, was staying at her local vacation home with family when the cardiac emergency hit.

When HoliMont Ski Patrollers ran to the scene, they found the woman unresponsive. Investigating further, they discovered she had no pulse and was not breathing. Using CPR and an AED (automated external defibrillator), patrollers worked quickly to revive her.


“There is a low percentage rate of revival if the victim isn’t showing a pulse or breathing,” Latimer said recently.


But patrollers were able to revive her. Stabilizing her, a local ambulance arrived and transported her to a local hospital where she recovered.


The incident is an uncommon one at HoliMont, Latimer said. It’s even more uncommon that it happened in a home and patrollers responded, but Latimer said organizations like the HoliMont Ski Patrol are obligated to help wherever they can and however they can.


The woman, meanwhile, is reportedly doing well and recovering.



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