By Greg Culver

HoliMont staff has been this off season with numerous repairs, updates and maintenance. Much of the work would go unnoticed, but is crucial to keep everything running safely and smoothly.

Chair lifts have been inspected and serviced. The Sunset Lift chairs got stripped, repaired and a new coat of galvanizing. New permanent tower locations were installed to increase snowmaking capacity. HoliMont has 100 percent snowmaking coverage on their slopes, but there are always spots that could use more snow. To support the additional guns, new high-pressure air lines have been added, along with new and repaired waterlines. Snowmaking has been the key to successful seasons lately and HoliMont puts out one of the best products around.

The HoliMont staff attended many training seminars and classes this summer. Lift evacuation drills take place a few times a year so that the staff is ready in the event of a lift failure. Many of the staff members underwent CPR and emergency training. At a recent Ski Areas of New York conference, HoliMont managers attended seminars on information crucial to ski area operation in today’s world. Topics included: Marketing and Social Media practices, Safety, Active Threat Awareness and Planning, Industry Statistics, New Technologies, Guest Experience and more.

Discover HoliMont is a membership program that will be starting its second season. This gives potential members a chance to try the club for one full season at a significant savings. A full family can ski all season at HoliMont for under $1200. If they decide to join by Feb. 19, the promo price is deducted from their initiation. If they decide not to join, they can still finish out the season.

From the caterpillars to the pine cones, nature seems to point towards a good, snowy winter this year. Everyone at the ‘Mont has their fingers and toes crossed for a cold and consistent ski season. Rest assured that no matter what Mother Nature hands us, HoliMont will have some of the best conditions possible for their members and guests.