By Caitlin Croft

U14 Athletes from the west side of the state traveled to Kissing Bridge and Holiday Valley for a Slalom and Giant Slalom, respectively. This was the first weekend of competition for this age group. To qualify for State Championships, each race is scored as three individual results: First Run, Second and Overall. To qualify for States, the athlete’s best five of 13 results are counted. For the articles, we report of the overall result, where an athlete must finish a complete race.

HoliMont’s Mary Catherine Mangan and Madalyn Cummings once again found themselves dueling it out, finishing 2nd and 3rd, respectively. Isabella Stringer (HO) took 5th, Brooklyn Napolitano (HO) 8th, Brianne Allegra of Holiday Valley finished 10th. Holiday Valley’s Alexandra Smillie finished 12th, Cece Carls (HO) 13th, Claire Rintoul (HO) 16th, Leah Smillie (HV) 17th and Heather Dunlap (HO) took 19th. Molly Basadur (HO) placed 22nd, Megan Kelsch (HO) 23rd, Charleigh Priestman (HO) 26th, Helen Malone (HO) 28th, Lily Klimsa (HO) 30th, Halle Stephens (HV) 35th and Hannah Baker (HO) finished 41st.

HoliMont’s Logan Kidd walked away with the gold medal in the opening race of 2018. Ian McKenna (HO) finished 6th, Carson Corey (HV) 7th, Peter McKenna (HO) 8th, Logan McCulloch (HO) 11th and Nicholas Koerber (HV) took 12th. Ryan Scanlon of Holiday Valley placed 15th, Erik Shattenberg (HV) 16th, Matthew King (HO) 19th, Liam Ainslee (HO) 21st, Buck Rathbun (HO) 22nd, Owen Griffith (HV) 25th and Cameron Johnson (HO) 32nd.

On day two of racing, the HoliMont ladies took six of the top 10 spots: Madalyn Cummings with the silver, Isabella Stringer with the bronze, Simona Muscarella 4th, Mary Catherine Mangan 5th and Charleigh Priestman 6th. Alexandra Smillie of Holiday Valley took 7th and Cece Carls of HoliMont finished 10th. Brooklyn Napolitano (HO) placed 15th, Sarah Kelly (HO) 16th, Leah Smillie (HV) 18th, Molly Basadur (HO) 27th and Claire Rintoul (HO) 28th. Megan Kelsch (HO) took 35th, Halle Stephens (HV) 37th, Charlotte Branscomb (HO) 38th, Helen Malone (HO) 40th, Zoe Folsetter (HO) 49th and Hannah Baker 51st.

For the men, Holiday Valley and HoliMont dominated the top 15. Both Cameron Johnson of HoliMont and Erik Shattenberg of Holiday Valley had redeeming second days, finding themselves on the podium in 1st and 3rd, respectively. Ryan Scanlon of Holiday Valley took 4th, Carson Corey (HV) 6th, Liam Ainsle (HO) 7th, Peter McKenna (HO) 8th, Nicholas Koerber (HV) 10th, Buck Rathbun (HO) 11th, Logan McCulloch (HO) 12th and Ian McKenna (HO) 14th. Ryan Gambrell of HoliMont took 18th and Owen Griffith (HV) finised 21st.

The next race for the U14 athletes will be Jan. 27 and 28— a Dual Slalom at Song Mountain and Giant Slalom at Greek Peak. U21/19/16 athletes will find themselves competing at Greek Peak in two Giant Slaloms on the 20th and 21st.