By Caitlin Croft

The U14 Race Season opened with the Mud, Sweat n’ Gears Cup Races at Toggenburg and Greek Peak.

Athletes from the western half of the state gathered to see where they stacked up after all of their preseason training.

The State Championships rankings are based on the best five results out of a possible 13 results throughout the season. Each race has a possibility of three results, each run and the overall result, with one result coming from the Super-G race which is only one run.

Only overall results are reported, not individual runs.

Day One was a Slalom at Toggenburg located south of Syracuse in Fabius, New York. 

Ladies: Francesca Ferrara of HoliMont walked away with the gold medal in the season opener. Olivia Cumminings (HO) took home the bronze medal followed by teammate Carissa Dunlap in 4th. Charlotte Harter (HV) finished 5th, Jane Rathbun (HO) 6th and Sydney Kuder (HV) 8th. Reese Latta (HV) placed 16th, Kaitlyn Turnbull (HO) 20th, Evelyn Walcott (HO) 30th, Ruby Wiley (HO) 34th, Teegan Banyard (HO) 37th, Eilis Teahen (HO) 38th and Grace Privitera (HV) 40th. 

Men: Holiday Valley’s Henry Black won the day winning by nearly one second. Liam Hamel (HO) rounded out the podium with a 3rd place finish followed closely by teammate Maxwell Burget in 4th. Hans Solly (HO) took 6th, John Black (HV) 16th, Alex Gambrell (HO) 17th, Chase Zumkehr (HO) 31st and Nathan Belza (HO) 32nd.

Day Two was a Giant Slalom held at Greek Peak in Cortland, New York.

Ladies: Francesca Ferrara (HO) continued her dominance once again finishing at the top of the podium. Olivia Cummings (HO) found herself just off the podium with a 4th place finish. Carissa Dunlap (HO) took 5th, Emmylu Carls (HO) 6th, Jane Rathbun (HO) 9th, Molly DeRose (HV) 10th, Sydney Kuder (HV) 14th and Kaitlyn Turnbull (HO) 18th. Reese Latta (HV) finished 24th, Sophia Goldberg (HV) 28th, Lilah Pecora (HO) 34th, Grace Privitera (HV) 40th, Ruby Wiley (HO) 42nd and Eilis Teahan (HO) 44th.

Men: Hans Solly of HoliMont was just off the podium finishing in 4th place. John Black (HV) took 11th, Henry Black (HV) 17th, Holden Bozek (HO) 29th, Alex Gambrell (HO) 30th, Kester Tichband (HO) 31st, Nathan Belza (HO) 39th and Grant Stephens (HV) 43rd. 

Tune in next week for full coverage of the U21/19/16 series also held at Greek Peak and Toggenburg.