By Caitlin Croft

This past weekend, Holiday Valley and HoliMont hosted the first U16 Empire Cup West Series of 2017. Saturday was a Slalom at Holiday Valley, where HoliMont’s Zoe Knauss took the gold. Holiday Valley’s Paige Duffy and Logan Fredrickson rounded out the podium in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Hayly Fredrickson of Holiday Valley finished 4th, Chloe Richards (HO) 6th and Katrina Surdyka (HV) 7th. Lauren Thomas (HV) placed 12th, Taylor Hubert (HV) 16th, Kate Masliwec (HO) 21st and Katherine Wojnowski (HV) finished 24th. Alaina Lah (HV) took 35th, followed by teammate Phoebe Dunn in 36th and Marian Searby  6(HO) 37th. Maddie Welch of HoliMont finished 44th, Abby O’Day (HV) 48th, Claire Taylor (HV) 51st and Haley Barden of Holiday Valley took 51st.

On the men’s side, HoliMont’s Carlo Muscarella walked away with the bronze with Holiday Valley’s Max Carbaugh on his heels in 4th. Lucas Johnson (HO) finished 8th, Orry Shattenberg (HV) 19th, Benjamin Wise (HV) 23rd, William Peters (HO) 31st, Dalton Potter (HV) 36th and Jes Sauereisen took 41st.

Sunday the athletes competed in a Giant Slalom at HoliMont, which ended up being a tough day for many with visibility issues due to Lake Erie’s most recent bout of lake effect snow (not that we are complaining—bring it on Mother Nature!). HoliMont’s Zoe Knauss podiumed again, placing 3rd, with Holiday Valley’s Hayly Fredrickson finishing 4th. Candice Kasahara (HV) took 8th, Logan Fredrickson (HV) 11th, Katrina Surdyka (HV) 12th and Sierra Cappelli (HV) 13th. Paige Duffy of Holiday Valley finished 15th, Katherine Wojnowski (HV) 17th, Kate Masliwec (HO) 30th and Taylor Hubert (HV) placed 31st. Marian Searby (HO) finished 36th, Alaina Lah (HV) 37th, Phoebe Dunn (HV) 45th, Maddie Welch (HO) 50th and Claire Taylor of Holiday Valley took 63rd.

The Holiday Valley and HoliMont men had a much better day at HoliMont, taking three of the top five spots. Nathan Briselden of Holiday Valley took the gold and Carolo Muscarella of HoliMont earned more hardware finishing in 3rd with Max Carbaugh (HV) right behind again with another 4th place. Lucas Johnson (HO) took 11th, Nicholas Scott (HV) 16th, Dalton Potter (HV) 17th, Orry Shattenberg (HV) 20th and Nolan Evans (HV) finished 33rd. Alec Nolan of Holiday Valley placed 39th, Jes Sauereisen (HV) 40th, Benjamin Wise (HV) 41st, Samuel Balanevsky (HO) 56th and William Assad (HO) took 60th.

Next week the U16’s have an off week, but the U14’s kick off their season in Central New York at Song Mountain and Labrador. Stay tuned for next week’s results from our hardworking Ellicottville athletes.