ImageProxy-(8)by Sean Crotty
HoliMont FLITE Team Manager

While most skiers have their skis securely stored for the summer, the HoliMont FLITE Team has been grabbing their skis for training every week of the summer thus far.

Athletes have been earning their “frequent flier miles” on their skis this summer.

At home, many athletes have been training on the trampoline, working with personal trainers, as well as enrolling in Core Body Training. In addition to multiple trips to Lake Placid Water Ramps, athletes have made trips to Whistler, British Columbia, for weeks of training on the glacier, and skiing at Mt. Hood, while some of our Canadian athletes have been in Quebec for water ramping.

A few athletes will be training in Switzerland for the month of October for on-hill training with many of the national teams from around the world.

Three female athletes — Elissa Cole, Lexi Crotty and Magdeline Vasatka — participated in the U.S. Freestyle Team Elite Aerial Development Program Talent ID Camp in June at the Lake Placid Olympic Training Center.

The week of July 12-19, 18 members of the FLITE Team attended Ramp Camp in Lake Placid honing their aerial skills and learning new tricks on the water ramps and trampolines.

Ramp Camp 2013 was a super exciting time for many first time rampers and veterans alike. Athletes were greeted with exceptionally warm weather and very little rain to make the week a great summer training session.

How else would these athletes want to spend their summer but in a wet suit, with a life vest, wearing wet ski boots, carrying their skis up six stairs to the coaches deck, 59 more to the lower jump platform or add another 19 to the top, on average 30-40 times each day. On average, each athlete climbed the water ramps equivalent to climbing the Empire State Building twice each day, for six days this past week, without fail and with pep in their step!

All athletes are going home to train further with some more experience and knowledge of the tricks they are performing, as well as friendships further fortified.

Athletes who qualified new jumps during this camp are:

Lexi Crotty – Back Lay/Tuck
Lucas Goodin – Cork 7 and Back Lay/Back Tuck
Travis Goodin – Front Tuck
Alliy Hansen – Front Tuck
Griffen Hansen – Cork 7 (Non-Moguls)
Ryan Henri – Front Tuck
Hayleigh Holland – Front Tuck
Parker Johnston – Misty5 and Back Lay/ Back Tuck
Maggie Ryan – Cork 7 and Cork 10
Jared Smolinski – Back Lay/Tuck

Athletes who attended Ramp Camp 2013 and worked hard on their aerial maneuvers are: Evan Dermott, Lucas Goodin, Travis Goodin, Elissa Cole, Hayleigh Holland, Calvin Elliott, Ryan Henri, Jared Smolinski, Joseph Voelkl, Griffin Hansen, Alliy Hansen, Parker Johnston, Michael Kennedy, Finn Lincoln, Sean Ryan, Maggie Ryan, Lexi Crotty and Brandon Crotty.

Many athletes are still working towards meeting their goals and are very close to achieving some personal objectives. Those who hope to qualify more tricks for snow will be making a few more trips back to Lake Placid to have their jumps qualified before throwing them down on The Jump this winter.

One thing you can be sure of before ski season, these athletes will enjoy their achievements and then get back to training. They know they need to keep working hard. Just because you are qualified, it doesn’t mean the work is done!